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Matrix CIRAS Style Assault Vest with Pouches - Black

43 Customer Reviews

by Adam P. on 04/18/2010
"Okay, to start off this is an amazing vest. It is very durable, adjustable, the magazine pouches can h
by chris h. on 04/16/2010
"At first I was not completely sold on this vest. The mag flaps were stiff and it was a pain to wear. After wearing it in two small games and breaking it in however I am in love. It looks sweet, it comes with a ton of features and is very secure. I just wish it came with a h2o bladder and some more area on the front to attach pouches. I would buy again in a heartbeat but I have a feeling this rig will last a long while.
by Nathan P. on 01/03/2010
"This vest fits great and works great, fits just about any mag, and this vest is waterproof, I would suggest it to anyone who is thinking about buying it.
by James V. on 09/26/2009
"Im 5'2 and the vest fits me like a charm if your a 12-13 year old kid like me and want a vest that makes you look like a B.A.M.F this is it and if your a big fan of fast paced hardcore cqb this is for you
by Justin C. on 09/23/2009
"I love this verst it is amazinz just buy 10 mags so you have alot like i did i so dominate with a lot of mags i never need to reload im unstopabale.
by Tim L. on 04/03/2009
"I ordered mine about a week ago, and it arrived. First off, the quality is amazing! It is solid and hard, but allows for a ton of adjustment. I'm nearly six feet tall, and I had this thing on and adjusted in minutes. It is perfect for anyone who owns an m4! This is my third vest, the first being a somewhat standard swat style vest (which I customized with a hand painted punisher logo) and the second a cheapish molle vest without the bladder backing. This vest stands a head of the rest by far. Worth the price too! A real CIRAS vest will set you back quite a bit. Not to mention, if its good enough for Snake, its good enough for me! Highly recommended for anyone looking for a top quality vest!
by Will K. on 03/24/2009
"Great vest fully adjustable and fits well. Only holds .223 mags though.
by Dominic R. on 01/19/2009
"Ok so here is my review of the "Metal Gear Ciras" vest.

I received this vest not to long ago and would like to state that overall the performance is top notch. I am a huge fan of CIRAS vests and love the tactile advantages and maneuverability it gives you. Everything in this vest is tight. I mean that the mag pouches are rigid, the admin pouch is snug and your accessory pouch on the side is also very well made.

This vest fits me like a 6'3" 180lbs and it is snug and does not move around at all. The hydration bladder pouch in the rear is solid and rigid and it does not feel like a small child is living in your back when you stick your bladder in there lol.

The only true con i can find with this, is that there are no quick detach buckles on the shoulder straps, but honestly unless you find the need to randomly rip your vest off very fast, i see no need for this anyway. It just would have been nice to have as a realistic feature.

The velcro on the back and front is good quality and is great for your patches.

It is essentially a one-size-fits most deal. to put on you put it over your head and then attach the velcro part across your stomach and then the other velcro part on your side.

This is a great buy and completely worth the money.
by Leonard W. on 11/13/2008
"This vest is AWESOME. Im 6'5" 230lbs and it fits perfect. A lot more comfortable than I thought it would be.
by francisco fernando perez coutiņo p. on 11/11/2008
"hey im about 1.60 mts would this vest size me? i need to know this before december
by kameron b. on 11/07/2008
"i LOVE this vest!!! I would totally buy it if it were in ACU!
by Jeffrey P. on 11/04/2008
"I play in an woodland/urban/CQB area black looks cool but i want to blend in which should i chose reply quickly as i said before thnx nd plz
by Richard S. on 10/24/2008
"Would This Black style go with woodland camo or would it be to distinctive in the field(E.X. the black would show me off in the field)
by Johnny L. on 10/05/2008
"I love this vest! If you want to do CQB get the S.D.E.U as that is a swat type vest (for special forces in Asia.)

If you do more outdoor, get this one. This is most of a special force look.

Other than that, the pouches will fit your magazines no problem and both vest are super nice.
by Josef H. on 10/04/2008
"PLEASE HELP!!!! I have an m14 and i need a vest will someone help me decide which vest to get this one or the Matrix S.D.E.U. i really need someone who knows help i have 10 mid caps. someone please help im also pucrchasing the black mask with either green or blue flames undecidied on that to PLEASE HELP!!!