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by Sean O. on 2011-10-26 18:41:31
"This vest is GREAT! Mine just came in today!
I'm not a machine gunner, or an assault person; But I'm actually my team's main sniper. I chose this vest because it was small and light weight. And when you carry a radio, phone, multiple sniper rifle mags, and M1911 mags, then this vest is definitely right for you!
by Kaleb R. on 2011-05-07 14:48:27
"This vest Is Perfect for anyone with an MG. Beleive me if someone sees you with a gun like that there going to single you out. This vest can take the heat close or far. I got Shot with my own SAW 300 times in the same spot (Purposely Of Course). It Took The BB's Like kevlar. I didnt feel a thing.
by Jong C. on 2011-02-21 17:58:15
"It is very nice for medium range skirmish and indoor. The arm pads seems alittle out of place, the three pouches can fit many type of magazines and the neck guard and the groin guards are great for CQB

looks nice
high level protections
well made Velcro easy to adjust
nice pouches
extra location apparently for a grenade

no camoflauge AT ALL
weak materials so it can rip from high powered guns or during close range
by Eiton C. on 2010-04-20 09:25:56
"Really nice looking vest and really light too, duhh!!!
extremely comfortable and very easy access to anything on it!

has velcro
nice fit
nice looking
protects neck
easy to put (compared to a plate carrier that i previously owned)

It doesnt protect alot in the back (it may but not me, i'm 6"4 215pounds)
the vest van hold only 3 m4/m16 mags,idk,this may be a pros, but i thought you could fit 2 in 1 pouch.

its a 5/5 anyways. Recomend it for tactical urban settings
by Ahmed R. on 2010-03-09 10:19:16
"Overall, great vest. I get all the great comments from my friends when playing. Only problem is the material used to make the vest. I'm a CQB player on our team (Shoot, Kill, Destory) and I tend to get shot alot due to being on the frontlines most of the time. While playing a game, I decided to use this vest. During the game, one of my friends shot me in the back when I least expected it. When we finished the game, I found out that the BB's penetrated the material of my vest, mostly in the hydration pack area. We played again and my right shoulder pad got pierced also. I would recommend this for those who aren't going to be in CQB. The crotch protector hasn't been pierced when shot by lipoly and the chest area works fine. Same goes for neck protector.

Easy to put on
Full protection
Very comfortable
Excellent mag pouches
Comes with crotch protector

Not for CQB players
Bad material, gets pierced easily

by chad l. on 2010-02-15 15:41:50
"This vest is amazing all around, it's much lighter then I expected, even though it said "light" in the description. The adjustment is so easy you could switch it up in the heat of a skirmish without putting down your primary. The armpads are a little bulky and I prefer to wear them in cqb, but not in woodland.

The pouch in the center is perfect for a small bag of 2 to 4 hundred bb's, as well as a small rench or two. The 3 magazine puches are just about perfect for someone who uses high cap mags and doesn't have a need for over the amount of 6. The grenade pouch, i have not found a use for other then just putting my colt there(it does work as long as you put it on correctly and you dont bump around too much)

As for size, it should be big enough for just about anybody, the adjustment is probably the easiest of any vest I've owned. There are three straps, two on each side, and one under the mag pouches that wraps all the way around the front of your body, and can be adjusted via velcro. As for the side velcro, they too can be adjusted both tight, and loose. The only problem with size, is that it might be too small length wise for a slightly larger owner(larger meaning over 6'4 or 6'5).

The neck protector works just fine and dandy, except it doesnt come up as close to your neck as it shows in the photo, so you might need to go to walmart for a cheap, thin $4.oo neck protector to fit under that if you are prone to neck shots.

The one thing i noticed is if you get shot on one of the magazine buckles, it breaks. But only from close range.

Overall, the best and most verstal vest I've laid my hands on, definatly worth looking into if your a serious player...

light weight
plenty of space
Good protection
easily adjustable
good air flow
looks great
feels great
low profile

arm pads are bulky
rips fairly easily from close range (400+ fps)
MIGHT be too small for a taller person

This is the conclusion of my review, happy airsofting!!!!!
by Kevin R. on 2010-01-21 00:33:49
"this vest is would be perfect if they made it in MARPAT or Desert MARPAT cause in these colors you stick out like a sore thumb. but overall this vist ROCKS!

nice and snug (on me at least)
great for CQB
neck/shoulder pads are removable
built-in hydration carrier (saves you money)
great price for a vest like this

crappy fabric colors to chose from. no camo! bad for outdoors!
by Marc M. on 2010-01-20 14:35:50
"I'm about the same size, Walter, it should fit great. Got mine not long ago and I was totally impressed. Looks great with the Army of Two Rios mask, aswell, which sounds like the perfect thing for you. Lightweight, comfortable and just so cool looking. All around a good buy, I'd say.
by Chris T. on 2010-01-06 15:31:45
"I got this vest for Christmas! I'm 6'2" and 140 lbs and it fits me quite well. You can't see in the picture but inside there is a loop that goes around your stomach and keeps the vest from riding up. It feels a like short on me, but it's not that bid a deal because it still fits snug. It also comes with a flip-down crotch guard that velcros inside the vest if you don't want to use it, as well as a holder for a camelback if you own one! The neck guard and shoulder pads and a very nice touch and you can remove them if it's too hot you don't want to wear them. The shoulder pads get strapped onto your arms and they barely constrict your movements.

High Quality
Shoulder Pads
Neck Guard
Camelback holder
Flip-Down Crotch Guard
Looks great with my Army of Two mask!

Feels short on taller people
by walter v. on 2009-10-05 14:52:09
"Hay i wana buy this vest it looks great but idk if it'l fit!! It doesnt show a size im 5 10/ 5 11 ish 200 pounds i look like rios from army of two lol. Think it'l fit?? please answer asap thnx to who ever answers

Webmaster: It should fit no problem. You can adjust the mid section with the velcro for a perfect fit.
by Michael H. on 2009-06-25 22:26:32
"Ok, gents - if there's one thing I know and know well, it's vests.

And this one is the best I've ever used.

Flexibility: Fits perfectly. Size adjustment is a snap and the velcro is high quality; won't wear down over time with constant removals or stress.

Durability: Superb. Takes the worst punishment airsoft or physical abuse can dish and still holds together even months later like new.

Capacity: This thing will carry your gear. Holds 3-6 M4/G36 mags comfortably and snug and the pouch clips are well made so no breakage. Also features inset pouches - internal on front and external on back - perfect for plate inserts if you use them. Grenade pouch also works good for flashlights or other stuff.

Special Features: The shoulder padding is AMAZING. Won't slip, straps won't cut into you and they move and meld well to keep your biceps protected. Velcro for patches is high grade and will display your image wares decently.

Cons: Only one. The neck guard is sorta a pain because it only tightens so much around your neck and kinda sags in the front part so don't expect perfect fitting in this regard. Easy to get over, though.

Overall: Worth every last cent. Best investment you can make into an airsoft vest if you're looking for all around tactical performance combined with durability and carry capacity. Definately worth getting on Evike since - they're the only place I've seen who has 'em!

5 out of 5
by Robert H. on 2009-04-18 09:15:43
"Please note I am giving this vest 5/5 for build quality.

Ok I am 6ft 215 lbs, and if you are like me this vest may not be the best choice. The vest rides high on me so my torso is partially exposed (fat guy in a little tac vest). The vests build is VERY good everything is where it should be plenty of exposed velcro for patches. The mag pouches can accomodate almost any mag from mp5 to M14. I think ill go ahead and just give this to my buddy whos alot smaller than me.

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