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Model: Vest-MTX-SDEU-O

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by Travis B. on 2010-01-07 23:07:18
"This vest is excellent if you love to look up-armored and don't want the hassle of all that weight! I'm around 6 ft. tall, 170 lbs. and this thing fits me perfectly. It gets a little warm in the summer, but that's to be expected in a vest like this. And to answer any questions of comfort, No the arm pads don't bother you nearly as much as you think they would. Half the time I forget they're even there. No they're aren't any loops for belts, but that's just part of it being an SDEU vest. When the cargo of an ALICE belt is required you can just do what I do and wear the ALICE belt/suspenders under the vest and it fits perfectly.

-The mags pouches are easy to get to, and hold M4/M16 mags like a charm.
-The flip-down groin plate has come in handy in several CQB situations.
-Light-weight and comfortable.
-Arm pads and front Neck Armor are removable.
-Has room for a Camel-Back.
-Easy to wear an ALICE belt with.

-Gets warm in the summer.
-No belt loops.
by Quintin N. on 2009-09-05 11:22:45
"is this vest good for kids because im thinking of getting my kid one.
by Nancy W. on 2009-05-18 16:42:53
"I got this vest the other day for my first airsoft event. I looooovvvved it! Every hit, no matter from what airsoft gun, or how close/far they were felt like someone lightly tapping me. I used to be scared of getting hit by airsoft BB's and this vest made me not care about getting hit what-so-ever. I've tried other cheap vests and there is no way near as much protection as this one. The best part is you can detatch things like the front neck guard, the shoulder protectors and either tuck away or take off the crotch protector that comes with it (the crotch protector in no way affects your movement.)

My only warning about this vest is that it looks a little silly on tall people. I'm a 5'3" female and it goes down to my hips...perfect for me though! :) In other words the vest is short but the width can fit just about anyone.
by Travis B. on 2009-04-29 13:14:36
"Totally worth the money. It looks awesome with woodland camo.

The vest is extremely comfortable and fits like a second skin even with the groin plate down and the arm protectors on!

However it does not have belt loops, but it hasn't bothered me. I just wear my tactical belt right up under it.

Definitely a must for anyone going for that up-armored badass look.
by Cordy G. on 2009-02-22 09:12:00
"YES! This is the vest I have been waiting for! It looks amazing! Holds AK mags pretty snug and GUESS WHAT!!! No plastic teeth like on my other vest for people to shoot off easily! It's a really good vest!

-No plastic teeth to get easily shot off and unable to zip after that!
-Velcro so it's pretty adjustable to your weight class
-Fits my AK mags like a charm
-Looks awesome
-I can put my team patch right on my arm and it look actually pretty cool

-Well about the only thing I can think of is that for some people this vest MIGHT be too small...I say might because I don't know exactly it could fit just fine..

Great Vest buy it!
by Quint M. on 2009-02-11 18:36:00
"It is possible that this is the best tactical vest on the market today! I highly recomend you buy this product. Can withstand 750 fps point blank without feeling a thing.
by Quint M. on 2009-02-01 17:30:59
"This is posibly the best vest i have ever owned. Highly recomend.
by gabe s. on 2009-01-29 14:47:29
"no the vest doesn't come with attachment clips for a belt but this vest is godly. come with a crotch protector! plus you can barely feel BBS with this vest on
by Sabrina C. on 2008-12-01 15:08:11
"I know your not supposed to ask questions on these but is this this vest made by matrix or is this made by another company and advertized as matrix. I also have this vest and it is outstanding. It even has a pocket on the back for a hydration pack. Buy this vest, it's definately worth the money. plus it makes you look like the coolest person ever at the skirmishes, and I even play with profesionals.
by Josef H. on 2008-10-06 13:38:44
"Thanks for your help im getting the swat one cause it looks beter to me and it will be perfect for where im playing
by Johnny L. on 2008-10-05 22:47:04
"This one is better for indoor (SWAT look). SDEU is a SWAT / Law Enforcement special force.

The Metal gear solid vest is a outdoor vest modelled after US special forces. (For outdoor games)

Otherwise, both are good, just what look you like.
by Josef H. on 2008-10-04 09:58:32
"This vest looks sick but i want to know hwat would be more usefull for my m14 this vest or the other metal gears solid one will anyone help me and give me good reasons why i should buy which

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 36 reviews)

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