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Matrix Special Force Cross Draw Tactical Vest w/ Built In Holster & Mag Pouches - Digital Woodland

32 Customer Reviews

by Luke M. on 09/15/2014
"Took this vest to about 6 indoor CQB games.
The holster ripped the first time I used it; (with WE M1911 MEU)
The zipper gets shot out very easily.
Yesterday i put the vest on and the zipper came off completely.

-Comes with several different interchangeable pieces
-Heavy duty belt
-Lots of real estate
-MOLLE Webbing on back
-Holds a variety of mags
-Cool inside mesh pockets

-Not a lot of velcro space (Some pouches built in)
-Loose (For a 6'1" 144LB person)
-No MOLLE on front

This is good for light use with M4s and LIGHT* (plastic) pistols.
Some problems may be isolated to mine by the looks of the other reviews.
All in all not the best vest.
by Matt S. on 01/26/2010
"just read this whole review and you'll know whether or not you wanna buy this thing
This was my first tac-vest...and its best use probably is just someones first vest. Since people usually don't read a really long review, i'll make this short. Just read the whole thing before buying. I thought this was pretty awesome. I never wanted to take it off. But once I started using it in action and also personally taking a look at some military issue tac-vests/packs, I realized this thing is just for the average kid who doesn't want to spend much on a vest.

- comes with holster...not that I would use it

- comes with pistol belt with undersized pistol mag pouches (where i put the holster, canteen and M16 mag pouch that my dad got when he was mobilized)

- easy access radio pouch

- when you take off the pointless oversized holster, the also oversized square foot of velcro provides a good area for patches (I put my lone 2nd Marine Air Wing patch there)

-adjustable size (which you really need to adjust unless you weigh 300lbs)

- map pouch is rather convenient if you have any maps in mind that you'd like to pulverize

- pouches hold basically any mag that looks like it'll fit in there

- 4 big 'ole mag of which is almost impossible to reach without being shot and humiliated

- mesh looks retarded

- wtf are the HUGE a** loops in the back for? even the company that makes this just has a picture of a dude with a freaking ninja sword back there...

- "MARPAT" pattern looks absolutely nothing like actual issue marpat and looks like ACU compared to my MCCUU's

- velcro on the shoulders is weak and the entire shoulder started tearing after 6 months on a hanger

- does NOT come with the shell holders in the picture

- random clips on the shoulders just jingle and serve no purpose

- no place for hydration pouch and i look like an idiot if I try to wear my tac-pack (from Quantico MCX) with this

- no storage for anything at all whatsoever besides clips and anything you may have laying around the house that takes up 1'x6" of velcro

- the "fantastic" "sniper shoulder" just makes it completely impossible to aim a weapon with an actual stock, while also making you look like a cross dressing leather model

Basically, it looks alright and it is ALRIGHT for a starter vest that you use for maybe 8 months as a 13 year old, but I would suggest getting something more realistic like a MOLLE plate carrier or something else where you can play around with the layout so it fits you and not the 40 year old dumbass they use to model it...and for god sake dont use a vest that has its own holster, just get one with a pistol belt and get a real holster.