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Matrix Special Force Cross Draw Tactical Vest w/ Built In Holster & Mag Pouches - Black

53 Customer Reviews

by Nathan B. on 02/05/2011
"Great vest for the price!

-great looking
-mag pouches hold 2 MP5 clips each (6 total)
-cross draw is in the perfect place
-holds 7 pistol mags (3 chest, 1 holster, 2 belt and 1 in the gun)

-when pistol/holster is pressed against me, the magazine falls out of the gun (KJW KP05 1911)

I need to find a way to modify the holster so this doesn't happen, but other than that it's great!
by chris h. on 04/16/2010
"This is a nice beginners or spare vest for a friend. It is a great option when it is hot outside due to the mesh construction. Can be adjusted for girth and is secure when set up properly. Although there are a ton of this type of vest out there from different stores I would make sure you get the one you want. Some have more / better pouches then others although they look almost the same.
by Michael M. on 01/04/2010
"I am 5'7" and weigh about 220 lbs. with a chest size of 46 and this vest does not fit. Too bad because all my friends swear by it. It seems to have all the things I need and want.

Oh well, I will have to look for an alternate tactical vest.
by luke m. on 10/30/2008
"I really like this vest. It gives good protection, has ample pockets/puches, and is lightweight.

Plenty of space
highly adjustable

the only thing i dont like is that it's kinda big for me. I'm 5'11" and 145lbs and it kinda sags down on me. I adjusted the straps as tight as possible and now it only sags a little but i guess i was hoping for a really snug fit.

I'd give 5/5 if it was offered in a smaller size, but otherwise it's great! BUy it!
by Scott G. on 08/09/2014

its a great start off vest and help you from getting shot hurt soo bad and it comes with everything you need to start off with a vest to have

my con on this vest is the zipper it break way too easy

also if your big or little over weight my advice just spend other 50 buck get yourself a better vest
by Micah L. on 12/01/2012
"This is a good "first" vest because its cheep. But I'm the long run if your looking for a good long last vest go with the MOLLE. I've had this best for 3 month now and I've hated it. You can remove most of the pouches but its just Velcro. You can'treally add anything to it (MOLLE accessories), except for the back which is all MOLLE.

Great "First" vest
Holds two M4 mags
MOLLE on the back

Not much Personalization options
Limited MOLLE
Mostly Velcro & Mesh
by Zachary L. on 12/14/2011
"Before I start my review, the style of the vest is most similar to the last picture on the right. (the OD one, with the velcro on the pistol holster)

This vest is my first non "mil surp" vest I've used. (I used a woodland Enhanced Load Bearing Vest before)

The zipper feels cheap, while the rest of the vest is light but sturdy
Mine came with an additional dual mag pouch already on the vest where the pistol holster is, which is removable by velcro and straps, Its not MOLLE :/

Placing the pistol holster on is a bit awkward at times because the horizontal strap has velcro on it but no where to velcro onto.

I also find the dual mag pouches on the belt to be gaudy and distracting, but they are removable so it's no big deal.

The belt is adjustable but only so far because there is a section of pistol belt thats to big for the slide so you can only make it so tight.

- Lots of space for mags (each pouch holds two m4/m16 type mags, so if you dont run a pistol you can hold 12 mags)

- Light.

- comfortable fit

- comes with optional pistol holster and pouch for shotgun/misc


- Cheap feeling zipper

- pistol holster / additional mag pouch are not MOLLE they are velcro with straps to secure it in place.

- Pistol belt prohibits you from tightening it due to a size difference in the belt and the slide.

- Pistol when holstered some times snags my 2 point sling.

In conclusion it's not bad for the price I got it ($30) but if you want something sturdy and overall better quality pay up the extra cash. But if you want something that works and you are on a budget, this isn't a bad option.
by Anthony L. on 10/30/2011
"This is a great vest for those who are new to airsoft. A lot of adjustment, pouchs, storage. The gun holster is okay, but does not stay attached very well to the vest. As soon as you run, the holster pulls away from the velcro and bounces. If you tighten it too much, it engages the mag release on your gun and you could lose your magazine. My only other complaint is that shows several pics of this vest in different color with (2) snap connectors along the front zipper line. This vest DOES not come with them. The same vest for $59.99 comes with them. Shame though. During a night of killing me some zombies, I became infected and fell to the ground. Several teeth were missing from the zipper when I got back up to my feet and he vest would no longer zip along the front. Unless I can get someone to sew a new metal zipper in place, the vest is a total loss. Bottom line: good vest, but if you're physically active like me, spend more money and buy a vest that does not zip in the front.

Thanks to Evike for making sure my paychecks continue to disappear and fulfill my life with many new and exciting ways to reach out and touch someone with a 0.25 bb at 400 fps. See you on the field!!!