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Matrix Special Force Cross Draw Tactical Vest w/ Built In Holster & Mag Pouches - Black

57 Customer Reviews

by Susan B. on 12/28/2011

i'm a big guy 230lbs and 6ft1in. and this vest fits perfectly. if u dont have a pistol, u can use 2 more primary mag spots that come included with the vest. everything is easy as pie to adjust. the belt was easy also. holds upto 12 primary mags. 2 in each pocket. i have a dboys scar-L and an extended 500 rd. high cap mag for it nd it fits perfectly in the vest so yes, this vest fits ak47 mags s well. plenty of storage. comfy as can be.

Good luck airsofting PURCHASE THIS VEST!!! great price. $30 amazing.
by Jose G. on 12/13/2011
"I got this vest for airsoft wars and it is really great! Thanks evike.
by jeff H. on 10/29/2011
"This vest is beast I got it and will wear it just for fun. The pistol always dosn't fit mine is to small for the holster

looks cool
holds 4 mags
holds 3 gas pistol
there is a knife loop on the inside mag pouch

.......... none
by Patrick S. on 08/06/2011
"This vest is great! I'm pretty small so I was worried it wouldn't fit me but it fit me really well! You can adjust it from really really small, all the way so it would fit someone who is 7 feet tall. It's really light too. Mine came with 4 mag pouches on the front and the pistol holster on the back? but you can switch out 2 mag pouches and put the pistol holster there because there's velcro and you secure it with straps.

Overall this vest is great for your first vest and its a great price! I defiantly recommend this !


-Light Weight
-Very Adjustable
-Low Price


-Mag pouch can't quite fit 2 SIG 552 mags
by ryan q. on 05/04/2011
"This is one awsome vest. im 5'7 and weigh 160 lbs and this thing fits me well. for my height it just reaches my waist. the holster fits a few of my guns and the material will suppress most of the force from a bb (if you worry about that). there is a pocket for stuff you might want to fit in there in the inside of the vest, and you can fit a sword or shotgun on the back without a scabbard.
by Jennifer K. on 02/10/2011
"I absolutely love this vest. It is curiously comfortable to wear, which surprised me since I have it so heavily loaded with all metal hi-caps and tacti-cool gear such as my rubber bayonet (purchased on for $9.99 [which I actually use]).
I am 6'3" and 195 lbs, it fits me absolutely perfect. I don't recommend this vest for anyone larger than me by anyone more than 10 lbs and for no more than 6'3" because you probably won't get it on without breaking the straps. (Yes I'm a dude... under age to make an Evike account... for now…)
I use a G&G RK-47 with all-metal hi-caps (also from Evike) and I can only get one mag into each pouch, but I don't have that many mags, so it’s not a problem. If you use mid-cap or low-cap AK mags and have several of them, be wary that you won't fit them all into the vest.

-Well made for so cheap
-Numerous pouches, more than can be put on the vest
-Shooter's shoulder padding
-MOLLE straps on back for... anything
-Fits AK-series mags
-Fits most small-framed pistols in the holster like Glock 23s and P8s
-The black looks awesome with tiger-stripe BDUs and black gear (pads, boots, gloves, mask)
The holster does not by any means fit large pistols. My KJW Xcellerator fits so poorly, the muzzle doesn’t fit through the tiny little hole at the base. Thin barreled revolvers do fit, though.
-Not for heavy people (not me)

And that's it! If you are a budget airsofter wanting to look like a pro, or if you just don't want to spend $200 on a Cordura, which, by the way is an amazing vest, this is about your best option. Period.
by Andre P. on 01/31/2011
"This vest is the best thing you can get for this price point. I got the black version, and it came with the left rifle shoulder pad. It fits me perfectly, and just for laughs i tried to ajust into my girlfriend and my son, it was a perfect fit after ajusting everything. Only thing i didn't like was that it comes randomly with the left radio pouch or shoulder pad. Also not that im NOT using this for airsoft, but rather for hunting, so i can store all my pellets/gear, and therefore it dosen't take as much abuse. So, final conclusions:


-One size fits all.
-Eazy to organize gear, even if not using mags in the mag pouches.
-Lots of pockets.
-Well distributed weight.


-Takes a while to ajust, and patience.
-I think the belt is useless, but thats just me.


Cant really rate it for airsoft, but for hunting is really good, and it lasts. If you have 40 bucks and is in lack for a way to gather up gear go for it.
by Adam H. on 01/26/2011
"Me and my freind bought two of these, one came with the radio pouch, the other came with the left shoulder pad. All around they are great vests but i do have one problem...
the one that came with the left shoulder pad has very small rifle mag pouches, i cant seem to fit anything but an mp5 mag in there... is this normal with this version?

-lots of pouches
-looks awsome
-great protection

-pouches arent removable
-small pouches on one version?
by Michael A. on 01/24/2011
"Im a big boy about 6'3" and 320lbs.
This vest does not fit me stock but i shall mearly replace the adjustment straps in the back with longer ones, and vwalla a vest that fits a bigboy.
So over all tho i have not tested the vest to it's full capablities it's very nice and for the price you cant go wrong. I give it a 5 for price tho i havent even tested it completly but nice fit and holds a 1911 very well.
by Jeffrey L. on 01/02/2011
"i got this vest about 3 months ago and its great. its a little big i wish there were smaller sizes. the mag pouches DO fit ak mags and they are adjustable to fit. if you have a heavyer pistol the holster sometimes slouches.

the tac belt is great and the whole thing looks BEAST
great look
lots of pouches
big mag pouches
allows upgradeability

little too big
holster kind of hangs with heavy pistol
by Zachary C. on 12/03/2010
"This is a very good vest for its price almost a steal however you need to stretch the mag pouches a bit before use. And the pistol mag holders are a little small so im not sure how it will work other than that its great! and also its 6 dollars cheaper her as compared to airsoftgi and they actually get their orders on time and right. ive been waiting for and order for about 2 and half weeks (ground) but still...
by Fernann M. on 11/29/2010
"I own a copy of it but pretty similar. BTW mine is made from fidragon......made in china.....

anyways a really comportable vest
holds all my AK mags nicely (BTW to pocket ur AK mags properly, make em face away from you)
easier to pull out my sidearm than to reach into a leg holster
lots of Molle in the back...not sure what to put in there except another radio pouch...
high quality zipper and clip
4 mag pockets/pouches
4 pistol/small utility pouches(including the pouch on the holster)
and a medium sized chest pouch with velcro to attach flashy patches on it.
and adjustable straps

(this is my fidragon version so keep in mind of the cons)
low quality holster, the strap to keep my sidearm broke...the clip was cheap plastic so in one cold day, it broke....., now i use velcro for my holster strap
49.00$ i got it and i found better vests like this one made by Condor (not the fi dragon copy)
hard to adjust belt
kind of large vest when i first got it since a year ago and 2 months but now i can fit it perfectly

overall the fidragon copy is a 6/10

this one, the veteran Condor version 9/10

both are great vests, makes anyone look like a REAL B.A in the field....well that how the other airsofters in my field thought....

i recommend this!
by adam f. on 09/12/2010
"this is an amazing vest for the price im small and it fits me perfectlly.
the mag holer are big and you wont lose your mag
its easy to run with and suprisingly its camoflauged
it fits the side arm but the side arm shakes a little
by jeremy s. on 09/07/2010
"This vest looks awesome and fits me well too. I am 5,4 and 115 pounds and this vest fits me perfectly. when it arrived to my house it had the two belt pistol mag pouches on the back of the vest along with the holster but you can easily unhook them off of the MOLLE webbing and put them where they were in the picture. it also has two rifle mag pouches where the holster should go.
by jacob c. on 08/29/2010
"i love this vest everytime i wear it everyones like ah hell we got a comando :)

extremely comftorable
fits well and im a plus size guy
paded sniper should works great
easy to turn the pistol mag holsters on the back to hold my shotgun behind them
most of the pouches are velcro and removeable
alot of mag pouches
easly to put on and take off
i couldnt feel a 580+ fps gun hiting my back :) (triburst shotgun)

took a week later then it shouldve to get here
black is easy to spot in woodland games(if you play there)
side pouches can be anoying to get the mags into