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Matrix Emerson Padded Pistol Belt - Arid Camo (Size: Medium)

1 Customer Review

by Michael F. on 04/15/2013
"This belt is great. I've used dense work belts (the kind on construction crews work belts), roughly 2 inches thick. I have my vest, attached to the belt, attached to drop leg platforms. That way my entire loadout is one solid piece, with equal weight and tension distribution. My belt would cut into my sides. I could tough it out, but after 3 hours of crawling, twisting, bending, etc it did get a bit painful. I do prefer a belt to be tight as i play in a thick forested area, so i want my gear to be snug so i can be as quiet as possible.

This belt is great for many reasons. The 4 "d rings" it comes with are Velcro onto the MOLLE. In other words, you can take off the D rings and put them wherever you want on the MOLLE belt. My vest came with 6 straps, two in the back, two on the sides, two in front. So i wish it came with two more d rings, but it doesn't. However you can easily attach vest straps to the MOLLE on the belt itself. Also, the molle are the typical inch wide straps, but they are two molles at a time, aka two inches. So there are places wide enough to attach drop leg platforms, and other straps that are two inches wide. The molle are three loops tall, however they are three tall right against each other. Usually there is a space between mole, so technically they are only two tall (if you include the space between them).

The three clamp buckle is nice, but i prefer two clamps. It's basically push the button on the front in, then squeeze the two sides. That front button is a pain, and it's small. You have to push it with the tip of your finger, usually the nail. That or get a flathead screwdriver, or a nickel and push it in. Now the padded area isn't adjustable. the only width adjustment is at the front by the buckle. With the front it expands 0-10 additional. Now the adjustments are typical pull to tighten. The teeth on the buckle that hold the tension on the strap, are week. So the straps slip. In other words you can have the belt snug, but not tight. With my gear load out, snug still allows plenty of loose items, which makes noise, which prevents me from being able to sneak. Not much you can do about it. You can try to put some more thick cloth to the strap, so that when it goes into the buckle, it's thick enough to not slip.

I'd recommend this if attached to a vest, or suspenders, or something where the weight will be held on the shoulders. As a standalone belt, I think it'll be too loose with all that gear, and slide down. I do enjoy the padding, and the MOLLE. I wish it came in ATACs or ACU, but the multicam matches my load out well enough. Plus it's mostly covered.