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Matrix Airsoft Tactical Rubber Bayonet with Sheath & M4 / M16 QD Mount (Belt / MOLLE Ready)

85 Customer Reviews

by William B. on 02/07/2018
"You get what you pay for. I looks cheap and it feels cheap. However, once it is on your gun, it isn't coming off. It definitely won't fall off accidentally, and will require excessive external force to come off/break. Even pushing and yanking on it will not make it come off without pushing the end spring release.

Overall, it serves absolutely no purpose, but I'm still happy I bought it.
by Will G. on 08/26/2017
"Pretty good use of $10. Great for game modes like TTT. The knife is fairly loose in its sheath, but as long as you aren't flipping upside down it shouldn't be an issue. The only issues I have with it is that the blade has some rough edges and the grip feels kind of cheap, but it's only $10 so I really can't complain.
by Christopher C. on 05/21/2017
"Pretty fun thing to have. Ive played 2 days of airsoft with it. The first day i was playing with 2 others and I ran out of ammo in my sniper and revolver so I charged and used it as a knife and one of them. The second day I was renting an age because my sniper had too high of an fps for the field. Anyway I attached it to the front. For one I got a few comments on it because it looks very good. However 2 games into that day a piece of plastic broke that connects the knife to the barrel. Still works as a knife tho. Some reviews I've seen they said the holster was bad however i didn't have a problem with it. It's a good knife to have when you run out of ammo.
by Michael T. on 09/17/2012
"Knife is a pretty good replica, fits on my KWA M4 and my KA M4 without any problems and does not fall off. Good lvl of rubber; not too soft not too hard.
The knife is not the one pictured though (my wasnt anyway) the one I got in the shipment is 100% black, not two tone.
by Nick M. on 08/03/2012
"This bayonet is really cool and i love it although there is a few problems with it. The blade itself is a little flimsy but not bad, the handle is a little plasticy but again not bad, and the locking mechinism that keeps it on the rifle was upsidedown when i got it but a screwdriver and a quick fix helped with that. overall i love it and it looks great on my G&G GR16
by Lance B. on 05/15/2012
"This bayonet is sweet. I picked one up a few weeks ago. So far I've got 3 "knife kills". So if your willing to get shot alot for a moment of pure glory.... Then definitely pick this up. Seriously, getting someone out with this thing gives you joy like no other airsoft weapon system.
by Devin W. on 03/25/2012
"i like this bayonet alot,
Looks cool
Fits on m4
works well
all black

Cheap feeling handle (i wrapped in 1 layer of electric tape)
Loose sheath (i wrapped bottom of blade with some electric tape)
Hard to figure out to put on vest (the pistol pouches on your vest belt fit perfectly in the strap holes to put on vest)

Overall a great bayonet and as for burs try a razer blade
by shane b. on 03/03/2012

looks cool on a m4
sheath fits on my belt

light weight
came in black not shiny like the picture
feels like the blade will fall off later
rubber bends to much and have to straighten it out

good deal !!!!
by devin w. on 02/28/2012
"I bought this a few weeks ago, it was cool and i like it however the wirecutter hole on the blade has many burs i tryed to get rid of them with an exacto knife but made it worse, and also the sheath is molle ready but i dont know how to put it on my vest.
Intimidation factor
Quality Blade
Looks good
Makes your gun look good

Cheap feeling handle
Confusing Sheath

Overall a good purchase but my advice is to paint it even if you want it black so that you get a matte finish.
by Steven C. on 09/14/2010
"I used one of these bayonets during a match after my AK battery died on me. Used it "Call of Duty" style with my gas pistol and I must say the quality is amazing. The one I used was airbrushed and everyone thought it was a real knife from a distance. It's actually reasonably combat effective for former martial artists like myself. I managed to tag somebody with the knife by throwing it at him during a match. Its a neat little novelty item and I will most likely have to buy one for myself.
by fred S. on 06/22/2010
"I purchased this because I couldn't find a rubber K-Bar for under $30, I did not have intent of using this as a bayonet nor will I be using it as such.

Tons of quality for the price
Blade is rubber, everything else is hard plastic
The point where the blade connects to the handle does not feel weak as one might expect
Paints up nicely (comes as pure black)
Sheath is an amazing bonus! I had expected it to be trash and give me away when sneaking around but it doesn't rattle like expected.

Rubber is tough and could actually hurt someone if your not careful
Blade edge and point wear down fast and lose shape
Hard plastic pieces may break if thrown or dropped on a hard surface
Only fits M4/M16s with standard front sight bayonet lug.

DO NOT buy this if you intend to use it a bayonet for melee, I would use it for aesthetic purposes but the mounts would almost surely break if you used it to bayonet someone; not to mention you may hurt them. As a melee knife it works great.
Owned about a month.
by brandon h. on 02/22/2010
"To anyone wondering the blade part is about 6 1/2 inches and the whole knife is shy of one foot.

Now onto a short review...
The knife itself has a nice size and the blade is nice and flexible. One thing i dont like is the whole plastic feel/quality. It has very noticeable lines from bad molding and is extremely lite. It has a nice feel in my hand but at the same time feels toyish. Im planning on putting about half an hour into it and sand down the lines from bad molding and add some weights into the handle and it should make the feel and look of it much much better. But really, for $10, i cant expect it to be amazing and it also comes with a sheath which is nice. So for $10, i would totally recommend buying it, its nothing special but with some time put into it, it could look very nice... and again, its only $10!
by andrew m. on 09/29/2009
"i love it so so so so much it is so freaking nice and my fav part is i have not even bought one
by Chris W. on 04/07/2009
"This thing is pretty cool. You can bend it pretty easily, and it will hold into that place, but it is managable. Overall this bayonet gets 4 stars for looking freaking sweet, and for being so inexpensive.
by nick m. on 01/22/2009
"this is a well crafted product. looks real and fits on my m4 perfectly. the thing that i dont like about this product is that it is very flimsy. mine has dents in it becsuse my friend was chewing on it.... so i want to buy a couple more. great product