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Black Owl Gear / Phantom "S.A.F." High Speed SMG Small Arms Tactical Bungee Sling System

1 Customer Review

by Oscar A. on 08/22/2013
"Received this product a while ago and have run it for a few games.

This is not meant to be solely worn around the neck as a standard sling and was intended to be run through a vest/plate carrier. Not doing so can be quite painful depending on the replica it is attached to. When run through shoulder straps it works quite nicely. Because of its size it keeps the clip about chest high and depending on the location of your sling mount this can provide a perfect balance for your replica.

I did not like how the two rings kept the clip awkwardly horizontal, instead I opted to remove one of the rings, run the single ring through both loops of the bungee, and attach the clip to that single ring. I find this allows for a greater range of motion of the replica and less stress on the entire setup then the original horizontal setup allowed.

For the price, it does what it does well, and I'd wager even better then some of the more expensive ones. This isn't by far the best, and if that's what you're looking for, you're looking at the wrong price range. THIS IS however a nifty little, light setup for a rig running a lighter replica or lighter rig. It has a bit of a "homemade" feel to it as its imply bungee cord and advanced heatshrink, those 2 rings and the clip, but that's not bad at all. Its function, its rather well done, and I trust it with my SMG8 that will be coming in shortly.

My philosophy is: Everything has its uses, and its limitations. Those are this products and if you believe that you can use it, it'll fit you just fine.

As a sling: 4 out of 5. A bit cheap, not the best material, not comfortably useable by itself.
As a cheap sling for lighter replicas or beginner users : 5 out of 5