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by Elijah S. on 2013-09-10 19:14:54
"I have had these for around two months now and let me start off by saying that these were HUGE! They were much bigger than I expected but they fit me just fine so yay. Okay I duhhno about the guy below who got these with his desert digital but these match my Propper Multicam pants great, just a little bit brighter than the pants, maybe cause it's Land Camo? Either way it does it's job good and I like it for that. I have fallen on these a couple times in a game and I felt nothing! :) The cushioning on the inside wasn't tan for me like it's shown in the pic. Mine is black but I still don't mine cause it's not really that noticeable unless you're close up. Now the reason I am giving this 4 stars is because for my pads, the strap that holds the ring where you stick the velcro strap through tore off on me three times, all of them were in the middle of games! That was frustrating but then again seeing these for $15, I wasn't expecting much to begin with... but still... in the middle of matches... meh

Big and Authentic looking
My pads say US ARMY on the actual plates, which is even more awesome
Awesome some more
matches my multicam good
Straps make it easy to stay snug or loose
Kept me from hitting the ground hard... yay
Does what they are meant to do very well

Sowing isn't great (tore on me and I had to stitch mine 3 times)
Not really a con but the backside of mine came in black... like I said not really a con
That's all I can really think of

These are great believe me! It could have just been my pair was the bad egg of the purchase. These are great pads and I would buy again. Get these! They will benefit you more than you think... especially when your on a knee in the firing position or do indeed take a fall, these will be a great counter factor to have.
by james c. on 2012-06-06 16:06:46
"great buy, i wear desert digital pants and these look awsome, knee pads are a must have for airsoft, and these are awsome not only do they look good and can stand a beating, i recomend these for anyone whether for an op or just messing around

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)