Reviews: King Arms Warrior Advanced Tactical QD Knee Pads (Military OD Green)


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Model: KP-1559-OD

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by Douglas W. on 2014-04-28 12:46:48
"OK. I have finally had the opportunity to use these for an extended period of time so I figured I would write up a review. (Operation Red Storm East)

Over all they are very good for the price tag. They fit around my legs pretty comfortably and after a while I did not even notice them. My legs are larger than average and they still had plenty of room on the straps.

I found the plastic shells to be a bit larger then I have been used to and this sort of prevented them from molding around the knee. Also the turtle shell texture will prevent you from sliding as I found out the hard way.

The pads did not slide down my legs but they did tend to move side to side and the top strap did slowly come loose over extended periods of movement. The quick detach on the straps is a nice feature but after two days of hard use they are starting to show stress marks in the OD plastic with tends to signal a immanent failure.

The improvements I would suggest are:
Adding a Velcro fastener on the straps so that once adjusted they stay in place
The quick detachable hardware need to be beefed up. Maybe to a metallic source

Good looking
Do not slide down legs
Plenty of padding without being bulky

Straps loosen allowing side to side motion
Quick detach hardware needs to be reinforced

I would recommend these to anyone on a budget who is looking for decent knee pads. For the price I think these are rather good. But if money is no option there are far better choices out there.
by Amy P. on 2010-01-01 14:48:15
"I just received these today, and I'm not going to lie these pads are great! I have already used them and they stay were you put them and are extremely tough. The plastic looking part is actually hard rubber, and in the back of the pad there is a slot where you can put in more padding.

-great material
-perfect fit
-looks good


Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)