Reviews: Avengers Special Operation Tactical Knee Pad / Elbow Pad Set - Woodland Camo

$20.00 $16.40

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Model: KP-SET-WD
Location: D4-015 WO13-M07

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by Jonathan H. on 2012-06-05 17:55:01
"These pads are great. My brother owns them, and he got this for a great deal.

Cheaper than buying the elbow and knee set separate ($32)
Doesn't slip off too much
Adjustable for many sizes (strap and velcro)
Every part of these pads are 100% anti-ballistic
Easy to bend your legs
Useful when taking a sidewalk to the knee
My brother's looks more like desert camo because the part of the camoflauge pattern is the tan partm so his look all tan and black (but that's just his set)
The inside is very comfortable (like a really hard pillow) with that sweet Jesus feel.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)