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Dye i4 Pro Airsoft Full Face Mask (Style: Dye Cam / Thermal Lens)

29 Customer Reviews

by AL E. on 04/14/2018
"Sweet Mask works so good!!!! And you can see your Sight!!
by Jake D. on 12/06/2017
"Great mask! Doesn't fog at all, great ventilation! Great for paintball and airsoft!
by Carson K. on 11/29/2017
"I love the dye i4's but if your thinking about getting the mask then remember that the colors are a lot stronger than in the picture. I ordered the Dirty Bird and it looks a lot better than I thought it would.
by Zach P. on 10/18/2017
"Over the course of two years and 30 - 40 airsoft / paintball matches this mask has never failed me. Multiple shots of paint and bbs have not broken or scratched the visor, hits to the mouth area have never sprayed me with paint or plastic fragments. Only downside is poor ventilation, but antifog stops any fogging.

Has served me well and I will continue to use it
by Brannon P. on 02/21/2017
"The Dye i4s are one of the top paintball mask on the market, and this is coming from a JT Proflex lifer. However, it is small. I dont wear these personally for paintball or airsoft because (mainly for paintball) it does not cover my face/head properly. This is the perfect mask for young and small frame players but be aware that if you are a big guy or have a long face this will not cover your chin, lower lip/teeth when talking/yelling, jaw line, or pretty much any of your forehead.
If you like the style, but want a larger mask check out the Virtue VIOs, there are multiple styles and price ranges and they are customizable. The lenses on the VIOs are also twice as tough as the i4. Seen i4s crack on the Paintball field several times for varying reasons, very rare and usually a result of improper lens care but never a Virtue VIO, JT Proflex, VForce Grillz or even the Valken "Zoidberg" Identity in the same situations.
by Matte G. on 12/22/2016
"Without question the best mask you can buy.

I bought 3 other masks before finally buying this one. Don't waste your money like I did trying to find a cheaper solution... it will cost you more in the long run... at least I have enough masks for a few friends to play without needing to rent gear now.

Never fogs, extremely comfortable. Worth every penny.
Warning ⚠️ Once you try these, you can't go back. 👍
by Mike M. on 10/08/2016
"I bought this mask back in Dec 2015 and have used it many time without any issues.

-No fogging issues at all.
-Great protection and comfort.
-Easy to put on and adjust.
-Nice close contour fit and light weight.
-Visibility is second to none.
-Great looking design.
-So far very durable.

-A bit on the pricey side but in the end worth it.

Take Away:
If you can swing the cost don't waste time and money on cheap mask
performance when you can buy once and enjoy the sport. 👍
by PJ J. on 09/10/2016
"This mask is fantastic. It's unique style will make you stand out from the rest of the players. It works perfectly for forest type areas, if you're trying to be stealthy. It has never fogged on me while using it. They're glasses friendly, however your glasses may fog. It has great breath ability along with adjustables straps. While it's breathable, it does get hot on 90°+ days. This mask was worth every penny.
by joe n. on 09/02/2016
"Very modern modular design. Two stage foam forms around face well
even with low head band strap tension. Great visibility thru double pane
lenses that never fog. Easy to breath out of. Looks cool. Lightweight adds
to comfort during game play. Padding leaves space for eye glasses but
eye glasses can touch in inner surface of thermal lens. Have owned
three dye mask so far and plan on getting more.
by Walter S. on 06/15/2016
"This mask is the best mask you can get. Period.
No fog. I mean ZERO.
Easy to clean
Comfy :)
Low profile
Looks awesome
Interchangeable lenses
Ear protection + Good hearing
Did I say it looks awesome?

Price? (its worth it!)
by Courtney F. on 03/27/2016
"Like a dream! Get it it's ways worthy the money
by Nicholas B. on 03/22/2016
"Great mask! Light weight, no fog, and very easy to put switch out lens. When you get it though it's a clear see through lens, I got a blue ic for it and it looks amazing!
by Al L. on 12/31/2015
"When I got the mask, I new it was going to be great. This is the most comfortable mask I have ever worn. I have no complaints. Foam is good and lenses are awesome! Love the LE Powder Blue. To any Airsofter, I recommend this mask. People shouldn't be running just a pair of sunglasses or mesh googles. We need to enforce this. I used mesh lowers and googles with a pj helmet and they work great. only problem is the bb's shatter and get in the mouth. Other wise they work good. Dye masks are the way to go if you want quality, protection, and low profile. They are pricey but worth every penny.
by Michael F. on 06/26/2015
"Hello. I want to leave a quick review.

Extremely Light
Insanely Comfortable almost forget there on my face.
The Lens is Crystal clear like glass
You do NOT lose any vision to the left or right Wide view lens.
Quick change lens makes doing so a snap.
Most importantly of ALL is NO FOG NONE ZERO!!!
Price 139.99... but let me say now They are worth it. If you cant see how well can you play airsoft?? This goggle is without question better then anything I have Ever used and I have used Lots over my time spent in airsoft and Paintball.
Trust me this is worth Every cent of the money you spend.
You dont have it.....and if you do You will agree.
by Nicholas A. on 04/17/2015
"Hello fellow airsofters!

What can I say about this mask......... besides the fact that its ridiculously awesome.

The Construction:
The mask itself is made up of different materials described in the above description of the mask. Dye wasn't kidding on quality and durability, the plastic face cover of the mask is made up of a very durable and flexible material. The construction quality of the mask is noticeable once held. The straps are made up of an elastic material that mimics that of an elastic band but with a cover similar to cloth; like on most goggles. the earpieces are made of a neoprene material that feel comfortable resting on the ear. Now fair warning nothing can hinder frogging from occurring not even sprays and other items claiming that, however, dye has combated fog by making two separate lenses and numerous ventilation holes. This allows for fogging to be reduced and your voice to travel when talking to teammates or on a communications unit.

Overall Thoughts:

The price is a bit steep but as the saying goes pay now or pay later. I am stoked that I payed now this mask is great the lenses have a crystal clear view and the ergonomics of the mask makes sighting easy. I enjoy the full face protection of the mask and also the choices in color. If you can get over the price and enjoy full face masks this is the way to go.

Change your lens every year, the coating wears even with light cleaning

DO NOT USE PRODUCTS LIKE 409 or anything similar. JUST USE WATER, the chemicals in those products DESTROY the coated lens

The mask comes with bag so use it and store it in ventilated area such as your closet or room. NOT IN YOUR TRUNK or GARAGE, the heat warps the mask and the cold makes the mask brittle.

CLEAN AFTER EVERY USE: if you let the mask sit after an OP or game the lens can get damaged its better to take the time and clean the mask as soon as you get home from airsofting.

Enjoy and happy airsofting everyone.