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Koei Tactical Infantry Face Shield / Face Mask (Color: Woodland)

4 Customer Reviews

by Ursula B. on 04/01/2016
"Its pretty durable. Shot at it point blank with my Thompson LPEG (I don't know the brand of this gun it didnt say) which shoots around 300 FPS and not a scratch on the mask. I'm making this mask a regular thing I buy when shopping on evike
by John H. on 02/08/2014
"Daniel A.'s review is spot on.

I recently used this mask at Gamepod, but for me my balaclava was pretty moist after a 45min game. I still believe the Pros, out weighs the one Con.
by Daniel A. on 08/09/2012
"This is the best mask you can get for $12!

-Freaking creepy
-VERY breathable

-When sweating a lot, the mask will feel weird against your face but this can easily be bypassed with a balaclava/shemagh.

I can fit my Hakkotsu High peripheral goggles on this and I also highly recommend those too.
by Richard P. on 04/19/2012
"As a mask, this gives a unique look while airsofting.
The Good:
It fits my face quite nicely, without putting pressure on any one point. And as I have a very large head, this was a nice surprise. It sits around your eyes closely so it does not block your vision as badly as some masks do.

The Bad:
It has that odor that many fiberglass type masks have, though its not bad and quickly forgotten while wearing it.
Despite images showing goggles being worn with this, they do not work well with it. The ridge on the nose is too hard, and so will leave a gap between the mask and the lower edge of the googles. This goes equally for large flak type goggles, and the smaller speed goggles. They simply don't fit over the mask and make a good eyeseal.
Also, while breathing isn't too bad in the mask, there is no where for it to go easily, so I could see it fogging up non-mesh goggles easily, since they don't sit on your face.

Overall: For twelve bucks it's not a bad mask, but not a viable one for airsoft in its current form unless you modify some goggles to fit it.