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Airsoft Season! SAVE 18% with coupon code: SUMMER2018 (Exclude MAP and SALE Items) R-Custom Fiberglass Wire Mesh "Fallout" Mask Inspired by Fallout - Green/Gold

7 Customer Reviews

by Matthew P. on 12/29/2014
"This is a really great-looking and well-made mask. It tends to get a lot of compliments, whether people recognize it from the video games or not. Most of the cons I would list for this mask would apply to most full-face masks or helmets. It tends to be rather warm, will cut down on your peripheral vision significantly (especially the ground at your feet--it's easy to trip in this thing), keeps you from wiping sweat from your forehead, and so on. And it will definitely prevent you from looking down the sights on most rifles.

The mask I received had one significant difference from the one depicted in the photos. On the website the mask is shown with mesh-covered cutouts in the front "filter" area. There are no cutouts on mine--it's solid fiberglass. This is hardly a big problem, but it does make it a bit warmer under there. The padding is decent, and made of a fabric mesh rather than simple blocks of foam.

My main concern is fit. I have a big, fat head--I wear 7 3/4 in hats, and have a somewhat jowly chin. The bottom of the mask sits pretty much right along your jawline. So in my case, the bottom of my chin tends to be exposed along with my neck, which rather detracts from the badass look. If that bothers you, you'll have to incorporate a balaclava or neck wrap to cover up your shameful neckbeard. People with more average noggins will have better luck, I'm sure.

When viewed from below, my mask looks like it came out of the mold a little bit misshaped. It's not a symmetrical round or oval shape, but is squished a bit around the 3-to-6-o'clock region. It's barely noticeable when wearing it; it skews the eyepieces slightly to one side. And you wouldn't notice it from the outside unless you were looking down into it. So be alert for imperfections in the molding.

Overall, what you see is what you get--a full-face fiberglass mask with mesh eyepieces.
by austin H. on 11/01/2012
"Great mask wore it for Halloween had so many people whisper that's cool and complements and such after

PROS: This mask is the Shit

CONS: no back cover and a little big i Have a small skull
by vicki h. on 10/11/2012
"Bought it,recieved it yesterday. LOVE IT.
PROS-Comfortable,large in size,full coverage.
CONS-hadnt bought it sooner!
by Steven G. on 10/01/2012
"Worth the wait

This is really more of a full helmet than a mask. It goes all the way around the head except for a part of the back. Looks great.

The strap is basic, and rather long. I had to unscrew one side and re-hole it to make it tighter. After I did that, it fits so nicely.

Vision is good in this. The padding is very well placed in this one.

If you like Fallout or just want a killer mask, even for Halloween, get this.
by James K. on 07/20/2012
"Just got this in the mail today after the orders being backed up for about 2 months. I must say it was worth the wait. The craftsmanship was much heavier than I thought it would be and the attention to detail made this mask look very intimidating. I will definitely review it again after I've used it out on the field!

-Heavy duty
-True to the appearance of the NCRs in the "Fallout" game
-Can most definitely be used in a costume
-Excelent degree of facial protection
-doesn't put pressure on your face/squish your nose

-leaves chin exposed (issue for me anyway since I have a pronounced jaw)
-strap appears flimsy, though this could be very easily reinforced.
-not a whole lot of room under the mask for shooting glasses (again, may be due to my bigger head)

Right out of the box, I would say 5/5 but like I said, I will definitely review this again once I've put it through it's paces on the field.
by Mike C. on 07/20/2012
"Large Mask. Fits people with Large/Xlarge head sizes, I wear 7.5inch military hats and this fits a little loosely.

Full Helm
Breaths Nicely
Chin Strap
Nice Detail
Very sturdy

Buckle is plastic (easily replaced)
Ears partially exposed
no back of the Neck cover (balaclava solves both easily)
by Jayden S. on 05/17/2015
"So, I have a large head. When I got this helmet it barely fit, and about a year later it is extremely tight. It does not come with a 5 point spider strap as described in the specifications either. I was kind of disappointed by this product.

It looks amazing, but large headed people should not buy it.