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Matrix Iron Face Carbon Steel "Striker" Gen4 Metal Mesh Full Face Mask - Woodland

5 Customer Reviews

by Joe C. on 10/28/2012
"Having had this mask for a few months now I can say it is a solid performance. I bought it from Evike for $30 a few months ago, and I feel like that was a very fair price; that being said, now that it's $25 you should seriously consider it.

The mask is highly adjustable. The mesh continues into the fabric portion of the mask about an inch, and so at first I had trouble getting it to fit my bulbous face. However, after some tinkering, I discovered it is much easier to simply bend the metal to your desire (as long as you do it carefully, there is no compromise in structural effeciency). The cheek area of the mesh was very tight, so I bent it out a bit.

The material on the inside of the mask is somewhat abrasive to the skin, but it does wick away moisture fairly well. I personally like a much looser fit so that I can take off the mask with one hand, without having to undo the clasps on the back. I have found that I can't fit a hat over it, however, even when it's really tight.

Despite looking somewhat silly at times, the mask does its job. You'll never need to worry about fog. The only thing I have noticed about this mask is that the mesh sits just a little bit further out from your face than other mesh systems, so your vision on the whole will suffer just the slightest bit, but it's still far better than trying to deal with fog.

The mask rests close enough to your face (even when it's strapped loosely) that you can easily aim down pretty much all of your weapons. I have a Snow Wolf Barrett with a low-riding scope, and to be honest, I was very nervous while waiting to receive this mask as to whether it would let me look through the scope. Though it's not a 100% perfect view, it is very, very doable, and certainly much better than any other full mask setup you'll find.

Overall I am surprised that it took somebody so long to market this design as it is fantastic. I'm not sure if certain fields will allow this without some supplemental goggles underneath, but for the more casual playstyle there is nothing better.
by Jonathan B. on 01/30/2012
"Ok so I just got my mask about 10 mins ago and as soon as I opened the box and held it for the first time, I knew it was made well. It has a very sturdy feel to it...not really heavy but firm and strong. It's made to last...and I haven't even used it yet. Cammo is what I expected it to be...matches my boone hat.

When I put it on the clasps in the back are nice and strong too! Very adjustable and feels nice. I have only one thing whcih I would take a 0.01 point off the rating and that is the chin area...there is heavy padding where your chin rests and it pushes my mouth inwards. This is a tight feeling and will make it hard to talk...but honestly I won't be doing much talking and I'm sure it's just my head shape. afterall, there has to be some tightness to keep it from wobbleing. other than that one problem I have I love this mask!!!

one more thing...I would reccomend either face paint or a balaklava if your going for 100% white face shines even behinde the green wire. I'm gonna wear a balaklava which might also cut down on the pressure points on my chin.

Can't wait to try it out!!!

overall rating from me is 4.99 out of 5
by Angela M. on 05/06/2011
"This thing is great! It is far more comfortable than i thought it would be and has full visibility. It adjusts perfectly for your head and is very simple to remove, tighten and put on. It also is not all that hot. I live in Arizona and play in 100 degrees weather and it works great. I recommended this to anyone who is tiring of fogging!
by peter y. on 03/08/2011
"this thing is sick. you get full field of view. fully breathable and fog free. wired mesh is made really strong. the padding around is nice and comfy and sits nicely on my face. the top flaps over and clips on via 2 tactical quick release clips with elastic straps. the straps are adjustable. you can easily wear safety glasses underneath. i just hope the fields in socal will allow these in. i always thought: "if someone made something like this..." and now they have. now one like this in full safety plastic would be even better.

- full field of vision.
- breathable.
- fog free.
- super comfy.
- easily use safety glasses.
- strong mesh material.

- wire mesh. (prefer punched mesh)
- some official fields might not let you use this.
by Healy A. on 11/24/2014
"It's a solid mask, good protection, and it looks pretty awesome. If you dont have a scarf or balaclava of some sort to cover your jaw, then it itches like crazy. Also it doesn't fit with most helmets, so take that into account if you dont want it to go to waste. 7/10