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Save Phace Full Face Tactical Mask (Diss Series) - "Phantom"

7 Customer Reviews

by Vonda K. on 02/03/2016
"Great mask for customization (airbrushing and spray painting etc.) Savephace can airbrush it for you which would probably be cheaper if you want it customized unless you already are experienced and have everything you would need. There is no fogging if you.remove the forehead guard and very minimal fogging with it.
by William S. on 01/06/2014
"Excellent mask. I bought this for my 12 year old son and he loves it. I tried it as well and it is very comfortable and has great coverage with out compromising vision. He wore it in an arena game where other players masks were fogging and it didn't have a hint of fog. We'll see how it works in the Maryland summer though.
by Ashton M. on 12/13/2012
"Excellent mask! Covers face all the way up the jaw line and past the ears. Forehead piece is removable and it fits under any MICH helmet. Great ventilation and great protection.10/10
by David J. on 04/29/2011
"Nice msak! One of the best I have used! It is more comfortable than anything else I have tried and the lens is very fog proof, you can breath on it hard and it won't fog!! Spare lens are available cheap too!

This mask is great for any game you play.. I use it in airsoft and I have had no problems with it fogging up. Fully protects entire head. Great Buy!!!
by Wyatt S. on 01/13/2014
"This mask is an overall good buy. It has a balanced price and features overall good protection and no fogging.

-Covers most of your face
-The lens does not fog
-There is a lot of ventilation to breathe
-Can switch the forehead piece for a visor
-Glasses fit well under the mask

-If you wear glasses under the mask, the glasses lenses will fog up, the mask lens will not
-The strap sometimes needs adjusting
by Bryce C. on 10/14/2013
"This mask is overall cheap and one of the best I've used. It has a low profile sculpt and fits around my head perfectly. For people with larger heads, this mask might not be for you, but since I have a small head it fits just right. I can also aim perfectly down my iron sights on my Ak.

Pros: Low Profile, smooth finish, can aim on an Ak, does not fog

Cons: Lens gets fingerprints easily, might not be for others with larger heads
by Jennifer K. on 11/19/2010
"Just to clarify, Evike does have this mask for the cheapest that I can find, including my local arisoft shop where I got mine, sadly for more than Evike asks.
Now to the review. This is a very good mask, and I have no major complaints for it. It protects and covers your face, but you can still hear and somewhat feel BBs impacting it so you can still know that you get hit. Nobody likes a dishonorable player.
The mask is designed for no fogging and has a thick foam that divides your face so that your breath goes out the vents and your visor stays clear.
It is also compatible with prescription glasses, you simply pull the mask over your face instead of sliding it down. Since I use glasses, this is very helpful.
My kit came with covers that insert into the breath vents, I don't advise using them but it's always an option; and a visor that can replace the forehead piece on the mask, if you play on a sunny day or it's simply your preference.
I also recommend getting the mirrored finish lens, just makes you that much more unique.

-Excellent fit
-Allows for use of prescription glasses
-No-fog lens
-Customize options available

-Does not completely cover face*
-Occasionally causes Rx glasses to fog up, just lift the mask and ventillate
-Can make difficult to see AK-series iron sights, but not often

Because all of these directly apply to me, this brought down my rating somewhat, but if you have near 20-20 vision and pretty much any gun with any configuration, this is absolutely deserving of a 5-star rating

*Looks awesome when you wrap a shemagh over your head with the open face wrapping style, try to pull the edges out over the sides and your entire head will be covered. Evike sells so many shemaghs, it doesn't matter what your uniform pattern is, just buy what suits you because they have it!