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Matrix Pro-Goggle Airsoft Full-Face Mask w/ Integrated Fan (Desert Coyote)

10 Customer Reviews

by Isaac G. on 05/17/2018
"This is a very nice mask. I have not experienced any scratches as people say. Just keep it in a soft case. My first time I tried it out I got shot in the face about 10 times and it deflected all of them. Very nice mask suggest to buy.
by Langley W. on 04/13/2016
"The pro-goggle face mask is a great starter option for budget airsofters. It offers the protection of a paintball mask while offering customization and an anti-fog system.

Can take off lower face mask
Fits with Striker lower face masks
Little to no blur
Hard lower face mask that can bend
Has an anti-fog system
Goggle strap can fit over the back (bill side) of hats as seen in picture

Lower face mask is very hard to take off and is harder to put back on
Hats can not be worn bill-forward
A bit big
by Kenny R. on 02/24/2015
rarely fogs
it is flexible so it is super easy to sight in
works with glasses

scratches easily
it sits too low on your nose, but you get used to it
by Sydney W. on 03/14/2011
"Anti-fog system works very well, prevents almost all fog when on high. its not fog proof but it is very hard to fog up. mask does not conture to your face, soft rubbery feel and bends wherever, easy to sight in.

cons: battery compartment covers pop off very easily, and the lens is a milky white tint, but thats better than fog. the fan is not loud, but its loud enough to prevent you from hearing people crunching around in the brush, i turn mine off to listen. lenses scratch easily, and construction of the mask itself is only adequate, probably will not last more than 10 games before repair.

this mask does what it says, its cheap, and i like it. fans are great and prevent 99% of fog, and the mask allows you to sight in. i prefer this mask to the growingly popular steel mesh, because they can shatter bb's into your eyes and blind you. i know, i have tested it, and don't use them. the mask's colors are pretty bland and ugly, so camo it brah, thats what i did. goodluck.
by Noel G. on 10/07/2009
"I got this tan mask and I have to say that it looks pretty good. Works real well with multicam. I just wished they had a smoked lens version. Like what Jeff said, it does come very wide. Makes you look like a block head..but i found out all you had to do was bend the each lower corner to the shape of your face and the mask will take the counture of your face and stay in that form. Which is really cool! its different from other mask and looks kick ass with a hat.
by Joshua A. on 09/28/2009
"I haven't yet had a problem with the batteries dying. It was used on "high" for about 4-5 hours one day and about 6 hours another day. Still alive and kickin'.

Mask is *very* flexible, so you can use optics VERY easily
nice wide range of view
obviously doesn't fog up cause of the fans
mask is detachable if you wish
very inexpensive

battery compartments pop open sometimes, especially if you have it decently tight around your head
I received mine with the lenses scratched and the wires inside the battery compartment were disconnected. I had to solder the wires back in.

I gave it 5 stars because hopefully the problems I had with mine was just a fluke. However, if you need to solder the wires back in, don't worry. Soldering irons are only like 2 bucks at walmart. 2 minute fix.
by Tien N. on 09/14/2009
"I have the black version of this and I think it is great only one issue and that is that the glue that holds the cheek pads in breaks down fast with sweat but 3M spray glue and no more issues. Get new batteries as the OEM die fast.
by Todd G. on 05/19/2010
"I really wanted a pair of fan vented goggles but couldn't afford over $100 for a pair so for the price I decided to give these a try.

Fan works really well. It has two speeds and I had no fogging trouble even with the fan on low speed on a warm, humid day. As an added precaution I used an anti-fog wipe on the lens before playing.

Soft, flexible facemask is a big plus. It allows you to put your rifle right up against your face to sight down the barrell.

Clear lens provides good vision and wide field of view.

Adjustable strap provides secure fit even on a melon head like mine.

Battery covers suck. If you drop the mask you can bet at least one of the covers will pop off. I'm still experimenting with what will work best to keep the covers on but still allow easy access to change batteries when needed. Probably going to go with electrical tape.

Foam padding on inside of goggles is not thick enough and not well adhered to the mask. The first thing I did when I received the mask was remove the padding and re-apply w/ super glue. Even with that I'm going to have to re-apply before next use.

BOTTOM LINE: This mask is worth the $30. Provides adequate protection and good anti-fogging ventilation.
by Peter S. on 02/14/2012
"this is an ok mask. it get the job done. though the battery compartment always falls off, fan pretty much useless, your better off getting flakjaks and an iron face. youtube: flcgopro
by Jeff L. on 09/24/2009
"Just got these and I was really looking forward to them after the limited but positive reviews I've read about them. These things are so wide that for me- they are unsafe. The gasket seal is wide open towards my temples. I can easily fit my thumb between my temple and the goggles with them on which is really bad. I'm a regular build white guy, not fat, not thin and these don't fit to the point where I would feel unsafe wearing them. I don't know who would have a face big enough for these to fit. It's like the shape is correct but they are overall too large. I've owned many pairs of goggles too. They are stiff and do not flex so there is no way to tighten them to make them fit. I bought these to wear under a protec or IBH helmet and they are so wide that they will not fit with either helmet at all.

The battery covers pop open with the slightest movement and keep popping open even if you snap them down.

The fan seems good and has a high and low switch. I will never be able to test them because I cant wear them though.

The face guard can be removed easily and put back on. It is also very wide compared to most airsoft masks but is made of a soft rubber so can be cut if desired. I will probably keep that part of it, trim and fit to some other goggles.

Overall, I made a mistake buying these and would not buy them again. If they decide to make them narrower, I might consider it at $25 but wouldn't pay more than that.