Reviews: R-Custom Fiberglass Wire Mesh Army Mask - Original Matte Black

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by Philip B. on 2008-10-23 12:51:34
"high quality mask, light weight ,very durable fiberglass, i had to add a bit of foam around the inside of the eye sockets to keep my shooters glasses underneath from getting scratched.
by Matt S. on 2008-10-16 15:41:08
"awsome mask, but you can't wear it at most airsoft fiellds becuase it isnt considered a full-head protective mask, like a paintball mask so yeahh...
by George C. on 2008-09-30 22:13:34
"These look awesome and you feel awesome when wearing it. Its not ideal for using in maches due to it restricts visability by alot... This is not recomended for CQB type battles, its more for looks than effectiveness
by Maria c. on 2008-09-29 14:55:02
"A little video i did. I'am going to use this for paintball but with goggles under.
by Daniel N. on 2008-09-28 15:00:58
"Can this be used as a paintball mask. Or will they let you use this on the field if you have a goggle set or some glasses underneath? If you know any answers please email me at
by William L. on 2008-09-25 12:05:50
"I bought the Army of 2 Rios mask and it fits great. Although I highly recommend wearing shooting glasses on the inside for protection.
by Maria c. on 2008-09-23 22:38:42
"I just ordered this mask in green. I can't wait to get it. It looks sick in the pictures. I feel like buying two more.
by Pierre M. on 2008-09-22 17:14:40
"These mask are in stock now! Just picked up mine at evike store today! Can't wait to use it tonight!

The mask fits a goggle nicely inside and it looks super cool! Much more comfortable than a paintball mask. Was looking to buy directly from Asia to save the $10, but Evike is the new US exclusive retailer for this mask and Cactushobby will direct you to buy it here. (It is faster and if you add another $10 to your order you get free shipping! which is then cheaper too).
by Aidan K. on 2008-09-21 21:01:03
"Get the Persian mask. It is by far the coolest.
by William W. on 2008-09-21 05:42:45
"Can I still wear goggle under this mask? I have both ESS advancer V12 goggle and ESS Profile NVG. I just want to really protect my face area because I got shot there a lot.
by Charles V. on 2008-09-18 23:21:31
"This vest is not too heavy, made out of fiber glass that is thick layered. Got shot in the mask fifty times now and there are only three small dents that you can hardly notice. The Army of one look is the way to go! I am wearing this for halloween!
by Tracy D. on 2008-09-04 03:24:57
"Wrap around type shooting goggle (there are a few here at will fit under this mask. This army of two mask is really really cool, very intimidating on the field.

As for the usage of scope: Airsoft playground is a CQB field, so whats more useful is a red dot scope.

If you sight in your red dot scope prior to your game, and set it on a slightly higher mount like the cantilever it will work with this mask. Keep both of your eyes open and with the dot on your target while you move, it will help you acquire target much faster, almost like a point a shoot with a laser but visible only to yourself.

Displaying 25 to 36 (of 40 reviews)

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