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Black Owl Gear / Phantom Navy Seal Drop Leg Thigh Holster Rig - Tan

6 Customer Reviews

by Calvin T. on 08/19/2016
"When I started looking for a drop leg holster, this one caught my eye due to it not being attached to a strap, so the holster won't wobble and flop around. After taking this holster out for a weekend of pew pewing, This is by far the best holster around! It was very affordable, fits anything you put in it, and can hold extra magazines or Co2. This is definitely a tight fitting holster, so drawing isn't necessarily going to be fast, but like another reviewer said, adding a kydex shell aught to fix that. I like the strap that goes over the top of your gun, it can be buttoned down for a secure fit, or simply velcroed in case you need it again, or both. Another concern of mine was the leg straps, as I am a large man with tree trunks for thighs, I was worried that the strap wouldn't fit around my leg. It did. Barely. But, then I have a tight fit! The key to a drop leg is keeping it high on your leg, not down by your knees, and I had no problem adjusting this to sit at the perfect height. With the straps that adjust vertically, there was so much excess that I really needed to cut off. I did not run into the problem of this holster moving around on my leg, or having it get caught on stuff. It has held up great and I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a drop leg option that works great and won't make your wallet cry.
by Rusty B. on 01/31/2016
"This drop leg holster is awesome I have tried several and this one is hands down the best. I carry a 1911 and don't even have to strap it in. it stays snug to my leg when running no wobble, and no problems. It is a low profile holster when creeping through brush is does not snag or stick out. If you keep the outside strap in the holster it slides back in with ease, I know some reviews say you need two hands to holster but that is not true. The picture of the tan holster is a lie it comes in plain tan not the two tone, witch was a disappointment. One problem I did find the back strap buckle does get in the way when drawing your side arm. All in all a great holster I'm defintly pleased.
by Deyton P. on 12/06/2014
"Amazing Drop leg platform ! its really low profile and tight to the body so it doesnt swish around. I say get this!


Straps get in the way a bit.
by Paul B. on 03/15/2014
"This is a really great holster. I haven't used it in a game just yet, as I just got it. I tried it with my pistols and it fits everything great. Long barreled pistols included. The two belt loops make weight distribution alot better than the 1 belt loop drop leg holsters. Really easy to adjust and feels like it will not twist on your leg, nor will the leg strap loosen due to anti-slip rubber they installed.

A really great holster that feels amazing and holds revolvers as well, albeit a little awkwardly. Why dont you have this already!!!
by David A. on 06/02/2012
"I can't imagine why this doesn't have any reviews yet, the product itself is amazing. I've taken it to one game since I received it and immediately put it through its paces in a MOUT environment with lots and lots of confined spaces; I'm pleased to report the thing stayed out of my damn way through doorways and offered pistol retention superior to anything I've used up to now.

If you're used to running a typical MOLLE holster threaded through a dropleg platform the first thing you'll notice when you use the Phantom Gear holster is that it retains your sidearm closer to your body, storing it in an integral "sleeve" rather than a separate compartment prone to shaking and shifting with movement. Gone are the days of compromising your mobility for the stability of your holster.

The body of the holster itself is more of a ranger green, but with all its attachment points and MOLLE webbing the whole affair is predominantly tan in color, as advertised. There are three points of retention, two for a pistol belt and one for your thigh; retention for the pistol itself is superb, offering zero play.

I love it. 5/5.
by Red R. on 12/26/2014
"I think this is one innovative product, very novel idea addressing the flaw in most molle dropleg platforms. Here are a few considerations when purchasing this:

The Good:
* I like how it was design to sit close to the leg. It does avoid flopping around when you run and gun.

* Pistol mag slips in front and behind the pistol. Retention straps for the are adjustable.

* Pistol retention is fully adjustable. The strap closer to the leg has a stiff pad that allows the snaps to disengage as you draw.

* One leg strap attachment. This makes it easier to mount higher up the thigh, where droplegs should be.

* The pistol holster can accommodate any full-size pistols. Echo1 Timberwolf and KWA M226 fits just fine, with and without a weapon light mind you, so that counts for points for the rig. I can imagine a pistol with a mock suppressor should fit nicely.

* Worksmanship and product quality is top notch: material is high-quality, hardware are of good quality that it won't break on you, bar-tacked on the stress points.

Now here are some improvement points:
* Yes it's designed to sit close to the leg. To avoid the right from flopping, you have to secure snug. However, the more the secure the fit, the tighter the holster tends to be. Add a pistol and mags, it pulls the straps tighter.

* The pistol straps can only be adjusted forward or backward. The straps are secured within on molle slot. This lands the retention between the slide and the pistol frame, It would have been good to have the pistol retention strap to be able to move back (or forward) so it lands on the grip.

* If you're used to Blawkhawks and 5.11's, you can't draw the pistol with a proper grip. The rig gets in it's own way. The retention strap gets in the way of your thumb, you can't choke the pistol properly, and your thumb has only enough grip to get the pistol out. As you present the pistol, you have to adjust your grip.

* Reholstering is almost a two-hand affair. Because it fits to your leg, the holster has a tendency to close tight. You need one hand to pry it open, and the second to bring the pistol in. I can imagine the extra liner where the trigger guard hits the holster will fray first.

Adding a replaceable kydex insert should fix all this, this should maintain it's universal appeal.

Three stars for a quality product but two off for functionality loss. Try it and if it works for you great, but this isn't the right rig for me.