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Universal Tactical Shoulder Holster with Dual Magazine Pouch (Color: OD Green)

8 Customer Reviews

by Lukas A. on 01/27/2011
"I got so tired of having my pistol in a belt-holster or leg-holster because I would end up with too much weight on my hips and I'd have to run around pulling up my pants all the time. This holster solved that problem, looks and feels badass. Like the other reviewers said, you just have to work the kinks out and get it sized to fit your body and then you hardly notice it, and instead of pulling my pants down it actually holds em up.
by julie s. on 09/22/2010
"This is a good thing for a snipers side arm especialy when trying to go prone and not dragging a vest on the ground its pretty good though
by Michael Z. on 02/27/2009
"Just got my holster and it rocks, feels pretty comfy but still working out the kinks, being left handed has its drawbacks. Planning on using it for my revolver and trying to get it to sit nice and tight, If anyone has tips on getting the fit just right and keeping the revolver secured let me know
by James L. on 09/15/2008
"I got this a few weeks ago, but I finally got to use it today. It holds the "HFC FULL METAL M9 GOVERNMENT SPECIAL FORCE LIMITED EDITION AIRSOFT GAS BLOWBACK" pistol just fine. it takes some adjusting, but then works just fine. I also wore a camelbak hydration pack over this, and everything held fine. I would really recommend for anyone who wants something different than a drop leg holster.
by Kris P. on 06/25/2008
"Nicely put together. Wear a shirt, jacket over it and it's very well concealed, and it's comfortable. It's hard to get it fitted just right, and when you do the straps are very long and hang down. Overall it's good and worth it.
by Stefan W. on 08/02/2012
"I bought this holster a few months ago, and it has served me pretty well.

+Very adjustable (adjustable shoulder width, adjustable length at 2 points above the holster and mag pouches, and 2 below them, and a pretty long velcro strip)
+holds it's fit very well (straps won't slip)
+Can fit a 5.1" Hi-Capa without much fuss
+Can comfortably hold two double stack mags without cramming
+Securely holds your gun and mags
+Open backed holster allows for extended barrels or revolvers
+Semi-adjustable draw angle (due to two independently adjusted straps holding the holster and mag pouches)
+3rd mag pouch (atop the holster) can feasibly be used to hold a speedloader

-3rd mag pouch (above the holster) is very difficult to access due to the vertical straps, and a double stack mag could result in it bumping into your armpit/making putting your left arm at your side uncomfortable
-Fits my Hi-Capa in such a way that it could feasibly press the mag release button (no incidents yet :) )
-Keeping a magazine in my Hi-Capa shifts the center of mass of my gun forward, causing it to shake around when moving

Overall, it's a very good holster, but a few (weapon-specific) problems keep it from being perfect.
At $15, it's a steal
by Ethan S. on 04/20/2011
"I have used this in a few matches and it is pretty good. Fits nicely if you can get the velcro tight.

Only Con is that you can't carry three mags because if you've got a KJW 1911 High Cappa, like me, if you have one mag in the pistol it will be too heavy for the gun and cause it to be floppy and not fun to use.

4/5 because it is not sturdy if you have a mag in the pistol.

by Connor C. on 11/06/2008
"It holds just about any normal size pistol just fine, but it takes some work to get it to fit right. It also allows you to carry either 3 extra clips or 3 speed loaders.