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Matrix Special Force Quick Draw Tactical Thigh Holster w/ Drop Leg Panel (Color: OD Green / Right)

37 Customer Reviews

by Sherri P. on 08/17/2015
"This is a solid holster. Everything stays put, and if it wobbles, it's most likely an operator error. So long as you secure it properly on a belt, and the straps adjusted to your thigh, this is a really solid holster.

Secures gun and mag
Nice fit
Looks great with Conder belts

The straps securing the holster to the panel is the king of complexity(Might be a pro, depending on how you view it)
by Myles C. on 04/29/2014
"As Sniper of my platoon I usually run the Marpat Woodland look for most on the move games. This holster is quite reliable in every aspect. It fits my ASG Licensed M9 Co2 Pistol (also found on this website) perfectly, so I have no complaints. -C/SgtMaj Crawford
by dwight W. on 08/03/2012
"This holster is awesome it has a firm hold and does not wiggle!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It also can be detached if thou est wanted to use such a thing only on the hip with a belt.I recommend this to anyone who is getting a gun and needs a holster or has one ans still needs a good fairly cheap holster!....................................................-
........... Ps the dots are to make more characters....It is an awe=some holster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Kevin P. on 07/29/2012
"i got this a while back, and at first i was using it for my buddy's Sig, and then my M9. i agree with the other posts, with larger pistols is can get a little unbalanced, but now i use a UHC revolver with a 2.5 barrel, and it works like magic. i use this as a last-chance sorta thing, and its never failed me. i highly recomend this to anyone whos looking to have a small or light pistol as a backup to their sidearm or for a lefty who uses a small sidearm

easy to use

large frame or heavy pistols can be akward while running
anything on rails will mess with the draw/holster

by SEAN PATRICK B. on 03/29/2012
"Great product. It fits my USP perfectly and snugly. It has the extra clip pouch on it with a velcro flap on it and an elastic band around the middle of it. The velcro flap is velcroed to the inside of the pouch so you can take it off if you desire, which i did because the elastic band holds the clip in place VERY nicely.

the straps have 2 lines of gripping so it wont slip on your leg, but the fabric padding the holster is connected to doesnt, so plan on using the support buckle with this holster.

Also, this doesnt mean much, but mine came with a logo on it with the name "FIDRAGON". i dont know if its a sub-brand of a company or an actual company, but it isnt shown in the pictures at all and i thought i should mention it.

You can easily take the holster off the drop patch and attatch it to some molle gear or a belt, but the drop down is very nice to have.

The leg strap is also very long so if you are a bigger person, im pretty sure the strap would fit.

Overall, i love this holster and it is very comfortable.
by Major B. on 09/14/2011
"Great holster! Extremely comfortable doesn't pull or sag when switching postions.
by Brenton R. on 05/15/2010
"great holster, its made with realy nice quality nylon and feel great, when i first got it i was a little sceptical because it was only twenty dollars but when i got it that all went away and mine has these peices of rubber weaved into the staps on the leg to help it stick and not fiddle around on your leg.

great nylon fabric
Fairly quick draw (depends mainly on you)

i personaly am not a fan of velcro on the mag pouch

by Josh K. on 03/07/2010
"Great leg holster. Holds my 1911 and 1 extra mag easily. It will not hold pistol with accessories on rails, but stand-alone it works great. I agree with earlier reviewer that it can be bit heavy and pull away a little from your leg in an all-out sprint - doesn't "glue" to your leg... Probably the bigger your leg - the less of an issue this will be.
by James C. on 11/01/2008
"Great legg holster!
Out of my 5 years of airsoft, this is the best holster ive had!
Has very much adjustablity, and does exactly what its supposed to.

Very adjustable

Sometimes when you have your pistol ,and a spare magg in it, it becomes very heavy, and will begin to sway if you sprint hard, or do any violent diving/ dodging

But it does what its supposed to! Its great, an d i'd recomend it for any lefty.
by Brian O. on 10/13/2008
"I am in love with this holster. It is the first drop leg holster that I've used and I am very impressed. nice hard inner shell protects the gun and allows for a fast draw. Only issue I have with the holster is when running, it tends to twist all over my thigh.
by Michael J. on 10/03/2008
"This holster fits 1911, USP, Glock series, M9 series, P99...pretty much all the standard size pistol I can try. I hope this info helps.
by Gerald J. on 10/01/2008
"great holster. it has lasted 2 years and it is still in great condition. and yes it does fit guns with lasers/lights there is a small spot with velcro at the bottom so you can fit guns with lasers and llights
by Brandon A. on 09/13/2008
"it looks real nice but wood it fit the M93R so ys could you write back
by Nate R. on 07/14/2008
"Great holster. Fits on any belt. Easy to draw from and can still hold it in if ur running and jumping. It hasnt ripped or torn on me and adjusting it is easy.The extra mag pouch is handy. It works, looks cool, and is very cost freindly. If your thinking about getting something cheaper or without a buckle to hold the gun in place, dont. the buckle is simple and works great.
by Dave M. on 07/10/2008
"Fantastic holster. Has room for an extra clip and secure the gun nicely. Would have liked a velcro quick release but if you tighten the buckle tight enough, when you open it, it pops and its quick to get out. Another problem I run into is the front sight of my KJW M9 hooking onto and holster when attempting to draw. But I think thats a universal problem with most holster. But back to the review, this is a great holster. Keeps everything sturdy, and tight. 5/5 *