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Emerson Bump Type Tactical Airsoft Helmet (BJ Type / Advanced / Foliage Green / Medium - Large)

4 Customer Reviews

by Sam W. on 06/04/2015
"I know what your thinking...i had the same thoughts when thinking about purchasing a helmet. Your thoughts are that the emerson fast helmets are the only helmets that look nice and not too cheap, but thats the problem! Their very expensive! I thought the same thing also so I thought "what about the basic emerson fast helmets" and i am very glad I did not buy the basic because when i got this in the mail it was WAY to big but nothing to deal with i just turned the back nob and whala! it fits! The chin strap is also very easy to adjust and very comfy.

worth the money
looks cool
just buy it already

a little pricy but WORTH IT! I can also attack a NVG mount for my gopro
by Max B. on 05/14/2015
"Quick review time: great helmet, a little pricey, but without doubt worth it. Came with extra Velcro pads, and ARC rail mounting hardware (1 picatinny rail section, 2 goggle mounting sections like the Smith Optics, and a misc. mount). Adjustable, durable, and extremely comfortable. Mine came with some Velcro on the top as well not shown. 5/5 would buy again.
by Shawn D. on 02/20/2012
"Let me tell you, I had been waiting for this helmet to become available. I perspire a great deal during airsoft matches and I was looking for a light weight and breathable system. I'm retired Law Enforcement and suffer from on duty injuries to my neck and spine, so having excessive weight on my head becomes unbearable. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this helmet. This is NOT suitable for any other use except that "special ops" look and relief from those, sometimes, painful BBs to the head.

Super Light Weight
Great Breathability
Solid Construction
Included Rail Mounts and NV Mount
The Best Headband Adjustment (ratcheting system) I've seen in any mil sim helmet. I wear a 7 1/8 hat.
By adjusting two screws at the back of the helmet, the wearer can adjust the helmet to sit higher up on the brow to allow for goggles (I wear Flak Jak goggles).
Included velcro for external patches/ID tape.
Super light weight internal impact styrofoam with very comfortable, sweat absorbing nylon padding. With the exception of the front and rear, the foam inserts can be adjusted or removed for customized comfort or to allow for room to wear a headset.
This helmet also has an adjustable standard chin strap with a nylon material (feels like swede) for the chin.

The ABS plastic seems a little thin, but it is very rigid. However, I feel that a hard drop or impact may either crack the plastic or gouge/scratch it fairly easy.
The velcro tape on the interior and exterior uses a less than superb glue. So, as the helmet heats up, the glue seems to bubble or wrinkle. Not a hard fix.
My helmet came with a flaw in the color just under the NV attachment. You can't see it unless you REALLY look hard, but it is worth mentioning as a blemish like this could show up in a much more noticeable place with another helmet.
The exterior shell has a good, solid, rough look to it (like that of a military helmet) but, because of the plastic material, it scratches fairly easy.

My overall opinion of this helmet is that it is a really great, light weight piece of equipment that serves it's purpose (looks, cool head, mounts for tactical/camera equipment, etc.). Now, I am a "mature" player and take very good care of my equipment and guns, but if you are the type that likes to just toss your stuff around or tend to drop things a lot, then you may want a helmet that is a little more heavy duty. However, if you are looking for a helmet that allows the breeze to flow through your hair or over your bald head and you find the heavier Mich type helmets uncomfortable, then this helmet is for you. Get it while you can, these things are extremely hard to come by. Also, the size runs on the small size. As I mentioned earlier, I wear a 7 1/8 hat and there was not much more room for my helmet to adjust to a bigger size.

Cheers and play safe!!
by Martin Z. on 05/21/2017
"For $60 I was expecting a lot more. First, the helmet I got does NOT have the dial in the back to adjust the fit, actually, it does not have any adjusting whatsoever.
The inner part moves free from the outer plastic. The straps are not great, so there is not really a way to make the helmet secure to the head. I am better off wearing a Bell bicycle helmet.