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Condor Helmet Cat Eye Band - Foliage Green

2 Customer Reviews

by Juliet B. on 10/05/2016
"Works as advertised. Fits on basically any helmet, ACH, PASGT, MICH, LWH, M1, FAST, Skateboard...

The two patches on the back glow-in-the-dark for a couple hours after some exposure to bright light such as the sun (or a quick flash from your smartphone flashlight). Note, on the back. Keep the patches oriented towards the back of your helmet unless you want to get shot easily.

Normally in actual military operations this band is used as an IFF for nighttime ops . Since this is airsoft though, with anything short of milsim this thing is nigh useless. I suppose you could fit a few things through the band though, such as a Zippo, some playing cards, anything of that sort.

It's also not really a foliage green. It's more of an olive green but I'm not complaining since my headgear is all olive anyways.
by Joseph D. on 02/02/2009
Ok, for those of you out there wondering what "cat eyes" are for, I'll explain.

Cat Eyes are an Identification band placed around your helmet for low light IFF when you don't have an IR pach or IR NVG's to see IR patches with. They are two glow in the dark strips.

Some may think that having glow in the dark gear is a disadvantage in the field, you are wrong. This gear keeps you from being shot by friendlies in dark areas or durring night operations. Only those who know to look for them will know what they are. Also, they help you stay in formation durring the night by allowing you to quickly scan for your allies.

Note: The "eyes" are to be on the back of your helmet, as you should keep your alies behind you anyway. This way it also decreases your chances of attracting the enemy's attention as you should do your best to keep them infront of you.

This piece of equipment is a must for small teams who game together on a regular basis.