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Matrix Tactical Systems MICH 2000 Style Replica Kevlar Helmet (OD Green)

21 Customer Reviews

by Dustin H. on 12/08/2013
"A good looking, lightweight helmet!

Great look
Rough texture to hold googles.

Too many pads (removing a few makes a perfect fit)
Bolts and screws come loose easy.
by James H. on 03/08/2013
"This is an excellent helmet!

It doesn't just sit on top of your head (like some other models...) I actually fits to your head. The construction is magnificent, the use of fiberglass makes this not only durable, but hefty too. The outer surface is coated with the sand/paint combo making it very realistic. I'm not going to lie, this isn't nearly as heavy as a real MICH 2000 helmet, but who needs something that heavy anyway? This is airsoft. I do recommend getting a helmet cover when you buy this, as the paint does scratch with use. Fits very well with goggles, but some people who use big radio headsets might have some trouble fitting them onto their ears, however, this is a MICH 2000, and those weren't designed for headsets to begin with. Now to the list!

Heavy weight.
Very well built.
Fits helmet covers great.
Straps and pads are very comfortable.

Limited access to ears (Headset users)

This is without a doubt, the best MICH 2000 replica helmet I've seen to date. It's sturdy construction and authenticity are excellent, and it will serve you well for many years. At $40.00 it's a great deal, I totally recommend it. You'd be doing yourself a disservice if you don't get one!
by alex d. on 11/04/2011
"This is a great helmet! I use it for milsim playing and it is perfect for airsoft. Its light weight, durable, strong, can take a BB, and great color. I will be getting an ACU helmet cover soon. This is a great replica and a great addition to my loadout. (I do an Army loadout). It is comfortable and great for beginners, intermediate players, and pros! 5 Stars :D

Great for milsim
Great color

Gets hot if worn for long time
The nuts and bolts on the sides will come loose so tighten them.

Overall it is awesome and i haven"t regreted buying it a bit!
by Hunter M. on 07/27/2011
"just got this helmet today. and its great bought a helmet cover to go with it and looks awesome. but one thing, on mine there is 1/4" to 1/2" long crack directly above the right ear cover, but other than that its great. (it even fits my fat head!)

easy to put a cover on it

chin-strap bolts loosen easy (can be fixed easy)
by Andrew M. on 04/24/2011
"This helmet looks great, feels comfortable, and fits firmly on your head. The helmet actually came with a lot of padding as well.

Good quality
Good fit (comfortable and adjustable)
Looks great

The only thing i could possibly find wrong with this helmet is that when you take the padding off, sometmes the velcro on the helmet will peel off with it. (really small problem, you can just stick it back on)
by Nelson M. on 09/02/2009
"My first and last helmet, this helmet is awesome. A little smaller and lighter than I expected, but all the better, Works great with the woodland cover.
by Rey M. on 05/01/2009
"Its a dead ringer! Its heavier than other replicas. I installed a MICH helmet cover, cat's eye band, goggle slings, and a tan goggle and viola an exact replica used by the US Army. Fits my head perfectly.
by Mike Z. on 02/22/2009
"Very nice helmet. It's even got the cork texture on the outside, absolutely flawless.
by Jeremiah P. on 02/11/2009
"This thing is the best helmet there is. It is a BAMF and always will be. Comparing this to the PASGT is going to be swell. Eh Hem:

-It looks a little weird without goggles
-It fits on your head instead of sits on it
-The padding makes it feel too sexy
-The sand paint job gets good grip on anything
-Its a little smaller (thats what she said)

Over all it's a GoOd BUy(i did that on purpose). I admit it will look wierd switching from a PASGT just because of the look, but it is a BAMF and always will be.

"a wink is as good as a nod to a blind man"
by Daniel H. on 01/14/2009
"Rock solid and well made. Lighter than the real-steel MICHs made by MSA and other companies, but definitely heavy-duty enough to withstand glass bottles and such (not that you'd need it for that.....). Fully compatible with bunny ears (aka goggle slings).
by allen q. on 01/14/2009
"i like this helmet alot. Its very sturdy and you know its not cheap when you feel it. Will protect you from those bullets that hit your head. GET THIS!
by Brandon C. on 01/14/2009
"Wonderful!!! Very comfortable. Very reliable and good finish
by jake c. on 12/23/2008
"im wondering if this helmet is intended 2 use w/ cat eye bands?

Webmaster: Yes. The cat eye band is designed for these helmets.
by Jacob C. on 11/26/2008
"this is a great helmet and it fits my head perfect. the only problem was that it took some time to adjust.
by Brandi L. on 07/14/2008
"Helmet fit well, and a pretty good replica. I actually have an issued MICH cover on mine, as well as my helmet band, and ESS goggles, and its a dead ringer for my issue helmet, except for the weight.