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Firedragon Heavy Duty PASGT Airsoft Helmet - OD Green

13 Customer Reviews

by April R. on 07/13/2017
"The helmet has held up well, fits nice to my head, strap doesn't hurt my chin.

Overall, worth it, just don't peel of the rubber rims.

Please use this to refer to O.D Green model.
by Sean K. on 06/05/2017
"I like the helmet it's great for those on the budget so I would strongly suggest you get this if your on a budget.
by Marc H. on 09/30/2015
"This helmet is very great for the price! It's a nice helmet that does it's job, it's sturdy and comfortable. To my knowledge it can stand up to 500 fps. Only problems I ran into with this is after every game or maybe a round I have to re-tighten the bolts holding the strap to the helmet and every time the helmet gets hit my ears ring a little, but it's not that big of a problem just something to look out for.
by Paul G. on 09/21/2015
"If you're looking for a good airsoft helmet and don't need to add a bunch of junk to it that you're not likely to use much, if at all, then this is the right helmet for you. A classic military look, you know because we can't all pretend to be Special Forces with FAST helmets, that does its job well. More so for the price. Gives ample cover to the head and ears. Add a camo print cover and it looks the like real thing. Does it fit everyone perfectly? No. Does it sometimes move a little? Yes. But its still well worth it for the price. You won't have to worry about bb hits to the head at all but you will hear it when it happens with a noticeable thud. To make it better after adjusting it to fit your head take a few minutes to sew together the ends of the straps so they don't come undone and melt the ends a little with a lighter to keep it from fraying. For comfort I reccomend a head scarf underneath which also helps keep it from moving around on your head. And a quick sewing job on the chin strap but stitching in some soft cotton tape against the strap enbd that touches your skin. It adds a much better level of comfort on an otherwise rough strap. But overall its a good helmet. It does what it needs to, looks good, light weight, and all for a good price.
by Eli W. on 06/07/2015
"Great for the money, I found better one for more dollars but for 18$ this is great
by Jordan D. on 12/06/2013
"This is a fantastic helmet for the money!! It looks awesome! Not too big , not too small. And you can adjust how high it sits on your head, how tight the straps are, and how snug it fits around your head. Goggles fit comfortably under it too! Looks like the real deal, but without the unnecessary weight. It it good quality plastic, and the bolts holding the straps on are metal and painted to match. The straps however are on the lower end for quality, and will fray until the whole thing falls apart! Make sure you burn the ends with a lighter, and anything that looks like it will fray. Then the straps won't deteriorate. Also remember to tighten all the bolts because when I got my helmet they where very loose!! Make sure they're tight before every gameday. If you do all these things this helmet should meet your needs! Keep in mind this helmet will not protect your head very well compared to high-quality ones, because they have actual padding and this one has adjustable suspension straps instead. I am blown away with how much you get for only $18!!
by Logan B. on 04/12/2010
"My friend has this helmet and i put it on and i let him point blank me in the helmet with a m4a1 that is 400fps and i didn't feel anything. This is also comfortable but the chin strap could be better. It is just the rope the rest of the strap is made of it is just in a circler formation. Over all a great helmet.
by Anthony W. on 03/19/2010
"Very well made, I just got mine in today and i scrimmed with it for about 2 hours.
all i can say is, beautiful.
the abs hard plastic is awesome and isnt to heavy and in my opinion much better than the MICH
helmet for $45

Unless you want padding, (which the PAGST helmet has restraints) then go for that one.
i like the restraints better because if u play in the summer and u SWEAT. THEN UR HELMET WILL MOST LIKELY MOLD and stink
Also this helmet is 25$ Cheaper and will do the job
by Jesse M. on 04/02/2011
Actual shell is of sufficent quality for protection
Looks fantastic with a Digital Woodland cover
Fits overtop of many masks and can be worn over hats
Very lightweight
Good protection coverage

Looks way nicer in the pictures
Straps are made of kmart fanny pack quality materials
Most of the hardware is pretty cheap stuff

OVERALL: Gets the job done with style if you get it mounted to your head and is light and very easy on the neck. I would recommend wearing a hat under it just because all the adjustment straps are cheap and there isn't much for padding but at least it is LIGHT. I expected more in the way of decent straps for 20 bucks, but you get what you pay for. If you can afford 40 bucks you'd get a far superior helmet. It is a pretty good buy for $20 and if you can get by those Kmart straps it'll be the only helmet you'll ever need for airsoft. However if you don't get a cover for it you might as well just scream out "I'M A HOMELESS SKITSOPHRENIC!" and put a big target on the front.
by Scott M. on 06/10/2010
"So, I wanted a nice, rather cheap helmet to top out my airsoft loadout. And for that, this is a great helmet. It's fits snugly on my head, although it does feel a little flimsy and and the screws keeping the head webbing in place seem very loose (can be tightened).

-Cool-looking headgear
-Not super expensive
-Fits comfortably

-Chinstrap broke on me almost right away (I was able to patch it up with a crude sewing-job
-Feels a little flimsy
-Screws keeping head-webbing in place seem to be of low-quality and loose

Overall: I suggest you buy this if you want a rather cheap helmet, just be prepared for the possibility that you might have to make a few quick repairs to it.
by Aidan K. on 09/22/2008
"Please refer to my comment on the page for the black version of this helmet.
by Jonathan H. on 05/10/2013
"This is the worst helmet... I have ever used.

Come in black and OD
Can buy separate helmet covers and NVG mounts

Plastic it's made of is super cheap and "tacky"
The retention system has failed to keep it from wobbling on my head, no matter how I adjust it (but that may just be me)
The strap is one point, meaning less security on your head
Bulky as HECK
The way you adjust the retention system is held by tying a string... Really?
PASGT's do not have many customization in the airsoft world

I ended up just buying a Lancer Tactical Air Recon helmet, which is several step above this. Just save up to buy different head gear. But I will say, it has protected my head VERY well, considering it has a big profile.
by Bertrand H. on 01/31/2012
"Helmet looks fine but plastic seems very cheap.

After only a first 45 min game, already lost two screws and hardware.

The webbing neck strap is made out of very rough nylon. You will need a scarf to prevent extreme schaffing !

All in all, I should have spend $25 more to get a decent helmet. I strongly advise you do the same