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Matrix Spec. Ops High Speed Sniper Veil Head Wrap Scarf - ACU camo

1 Customer Review

by Michael F. on 09/28/2013
"I'm not a fan of scarfs. I do a mix of running, as well as crawling. When running my gear tends to be bounced, so anything loose will come off. When crawling things are tugged on, and my head is bent back to look forwards. Both of which are not good scenarios for a scarf. However this can be used much like a shemagh.

The material on this is very light weight. However there is so much of it that you will likely double or triple layer it, which voids the concept of being able to breath easily. Luckily this material is very easy to work with. A pair of scissors or a sharp knife and you can cut it to the amount you want.

I've bought 3 of these and plan to buy a fourth. I have cut these up into thin strips, and made a ghille suit covering my upper body. This includes my helmet, goggle straps, a ghille type beard from my lower face mask, shoulder pads, and covers everything else down to the top of my abbs, and same height on the back. I don't care for a full suit seeing as how they are very heavy, very hot, and it's about 4x as much surface space that will get caught up on sticks, stickers, etc.

Besides. To shoot, you expose your head the most, upper body second most. So that is the hardest part to see on me, and it works like a champ. Even with 3 scarfs worth of material on my vest, it's only added maybe a quarter pound to it. Yes it is a lot of material, so if it gets wet or muddy, it could easily add 10 pounds to it, but till then I don't even notice a difference.

The only complaint I have is that the other side is not camo as well. I got the ACU ones. So one side is ACU, the other is desert tan. Using as a ghille this can make it less camo, but then again the mixed color scheme allows me to go from field to field without having to need a complete make over.