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Matrix Woven Coalition Desert Shemagh / Scarves (Color: Tan)

28 Customer Reviews

by Russell B. on 09/11/2017
"It's a comfortable light weight Shemagh for only 10 bucks. Nothing more nothing less.
by Tong Y. on 03/11/2017
"Great for covering your neck, face, and great for camo.

Most defining characteristic in humans is the neck/head and shoulders. This can break that off a little and get you that one edge.

Soft and comfy. Forgot that I had it around my neck and lost it during a firefight. Will buy another one. Lol
by Charles L. on 06/26/2016
"I picked one of these up at UBG during Spring offensive, best 10 bucks I ever spent.

You can use it to filter water, start a fire, dip in water to cool you off, wrap around your head and shoulders to keep you warm, make a sling, make a cast, make an improvised back pack, and of course use it as camouflage (it's effective too).

-has a plethora of practical/helpful uses
-good for camouflage
-comfy as hell
-cool as hell

-Traditionally Shemaghs are 44" by 44" this is only 42" by 42". But most Shemaghs in the US are 42 by 42 so I really have no complaints.

This thing is a fantastic buy, get it.
by Michael W. on 04/26/2016
"This is a very comfortable shemagh, I have used it for over a year and it has held up nicely. For the price you certainly cannot beat it, get one!
by Max M. on 07/09/2015
"I've had this for about two years now, and it's great! You can't really go wrong with this item.

Note: It's a much darker green than in the first image. Scroll down and that's more of what it actually looks like.
by Nicholas G. on 06/21/2015
"First ever scarf I've had the pleasure of both my first purchase and use! Went to my first game and used it as both a bandana to keep the sweat wicked away as well as protecting myself from the sun, which worked out damn well! Very light and nice quality material!
by Cameron D. on 01/20/2015
"I got this product awhile back and I am very happy with it! It is a little bit different from the standard OD Green in that it is a little bit darker but besides that, this thing is pretty dang cool.

-Looks really cool
-Good quality

-A little different from the standard OD Green but not by much

If you are thinking about buying this, do it.
by jason f. on 08/03/2014
"very usefull must get it
cons:gets kind of hot
by Jimmy A. on 04/29/2014
"Very well made shemagh. Thick enough to help the pain of getting shot, but not thick enough to be uncomfortable. I use this with a MICH Helmet, mesh mask, and Arena goggles. I use the shemagh to cover all the areas in between and this works perfect. Be coutious of the picture though, the coloring of the mocha and tan looked pretty col and blended in the most with my multicam. But the tan part is VERY DARK. from a distance it looks black or very dark brown. It must be he flash or the way the camera took the pitcure, but it is a LOT darker than it looks. But i cant get rid of a star because of something a camera cant help. All in all, Very good and very well made

Thick enough to help with the pain of being shot, but not thick enough to be uncomfortable
Good look and genuine looking pattern
good seat mop

None but the picture makes the tan alot brighter than it really is, but that really cant be helped


Seriously, get this. for ten dollars this cant be beat! Very good product!!!
by Edward T. on 11/27/2013
"Wow, for ten bucks this thing is awesome. Way better than those $25 velcro shemaghs and even better feeling quality than shemaghs ive seen sell for twice or three times as much. I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality for such a low price. Definitely recommended!
by shanda c. on 08/19/2013
"I love this so much! it is one of my favorite things to my load out. I wear it to every event. This thing keeps your neck and face body temperature, I have wore this on 100 degree weather and stayed cool, and I have wore this on 50 degree days and stayed warm. Its keeps sweat off and rain nice to dip in water on a hot day.

This is a must get! For 10 dollars what do you have to lose!
by Victor V. on 07/06/2013
"Great neck protection and makes any loadout look way better. A must buy.
by Justin M. on 06/15/2012
"This product is absolutely the best piece of apparel you can buy for the price. There are multiple ways to tie it around your face, neck and/or head and it will protect you from bb's, bugs and plants. It keeps you warm at night and doesn't fog up glasses as bad as neoprene masks or cheap face masks. I wore this during the day when it was 95 degrees and it wasn't too hot at all, plus I would wet it in ice water before putting it on and it stayed cool for hours. It feels great and makes you look like Whiskey Whiskey Wil Willis. At ten dollars there is literally no reason not to buy this. Next time you buy a gun, parts or tac gear just throw this in the cart, you'll be very happy you did.
by Damian V. on 12/23/2011
"with this on and oakley shooying look like a delta oprative, just look amazing
by Brett F. on 12/02/2011
"Have you ever been shot in the neck before, i know it hurts. this is what a shemagh is for! its lightweight so its breathable if you use it to wrap around your face which works really well, i use it as a neck guard and a sweat rag basically. it helps a lot to reduce the pain when you get shot in the neck. a lot of players especially my friends don't believe in guarding their necks. I was the same way until we were pinned down in a airsoft match the enemy flanking us and then some sniper with one of those high powered m102 barrett 50cal got us all in the neck. OWWW! do those things hurt. so after that we all bought shemaghs and its way worth it. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE, ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING TO PROTECT YOUR NECK AND STAY AWAY FROM BARRETS AND GET A SHEMAGH!