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Matrix / Valken Woven Coalition Desert Shemagh / Scarves - (Black / White)

24 Customer Reviews

by Walter D. on 12/12/2008
"Got mine around 7 months ago.

Price: 6/5
-Very cheap. Very good bang for your buck because (A) Covers your entire head and neck area (Excluding your eyes which you got goggles for) and (B) if you get shot in said area then it will absorb some of the shot.

Quality: 5/5
-great quality, Hasn't ripped and the edges have not frayed one bit. Also its pretty big and will cover a large area(neck and head).

Overall: 5/5
- A must buy for every airsofter. If you want to look like a legit terrorist then buy this and if your on the good guy and want to just look bad ass and buy this.

**Note: after a game it accidentally got into the wash and it shrunk, don't know what happened but it got a little bunched up on the green and black checkerboard(a very crude representation of a checkerboard). My suspect is the Dryer. If your going to wash it then just put it in the washing machine(rr be old school and hand wash it) and let it dry outside.
by David R. on 11/04/2008
"I love mine. Wrap it right, wear some good quality goggles, and you have some good protection that is not uncomfortable at all. You may get some looks from the neighbors if you wear it around the yard. I know I do.
by Zach W. on 10/19/2008
"Great buy i would highly recomened it to any one who is looking for extra face protection from pellets
by Duc V. on 09/14/2008
"This fabric is very versatile. The color is not printed on, so it won't fade easily. The bottom pics with the red/white and black/white really show how it looks like, with the color not exactly solid as you can see the white threading inbetween the colored threading. The cloth is soft, light, and provides light protection. If you use goggles with this, they tend to fog up. Some of the pictures make them look fuzzy, but it's not.
by Brian O. on 08/18/2008
"It is Face protection, a Head wrap, a rifle rap, a stuff sack,a sling (for wounds, not gunds), Flag, and team designator. If you play airsoft, you would be stupid to not have one of these on you when you go charging in.
by Alan E. on 08/01/2008
"This thing is huge theres alot of room for you to adjust and move around fabric is very good doesnt itch, easy on the skin
by Manuel M. on 07/01/2008
"The shemagh has very good fabric.To me its a must have.It could be used for many things that why i rated it a 5/5
by james ?. on 07/01/2008
"A must have. The perfect neck protection and probably the most slick looking head wrap to use in an airsoft battle. Very very useful. Very very cool
by duncan d. on 09/02/2008
"This amazing headwrap is perfect for airsoft. Wear it like a bandanna to look specops or shemagh style to play on the terrorist team. Protects your beautiful face from bbs, while keeping the sun or cold out. The green and black one looks just like the one worn by "Iceman" in generation kill. Also great to wear skiing. The only reason i gave it 4 stars is because getting it to look feel and work good in shemagh style is very difficult. It always ends up looking or feeling akward. Overall great piece of equipment well worth 10 bucks.