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Matrix / Valken Woven Coalition Desert Shemagh / Scarves - (Black / White)

24 Customer Reviews

by Antoine P. on 11/02/2014
"It keeps you warm in the cold and keeps you cool in the heat, an all weather rag.
There's many different ways you can wear it.
It looks badass, especially when you wear it around your neck.
Easy to tie.
I get a kick out of the stares and attention I get for wearing this in public.
Great for costumes if youre a filmmaker.

For the price, and the quality, this is practically a STEAL. If you haven't spent the 8 bucks for this already I don't know what's wrong with you. Get it now, you will not regret it.

My only regret is I didnt buy two...
by james c. on 06/06/2012
"this thing is perfect for anyting whether you want to look like your raiding bin ladens compound or defending it and it doesnt get hot at all if it did they wouldnt have worn them for hundreds of years in the hottest areas on earth
by Joan S. on 11/03/2011
"This Is great to wear out o the field. It keeps warm in when its cold out, and the sun off when its hot. Offers protection for your neck. Great Product.
by Laura G. on 06/10/2011
"works perfect for what its made for adds camo and protects from bbs. but it does get pretty hot, and thorn/blackberry bushes will grab this like crazy so watch out for that!
by Tyler S. on 02/01/2011
"Got this a few weeks ago. It was perfect it could keep my face warm and protect it from incoming bbs. It can be used for multiple things... I even used it as an kitchen apron.
by Jacob G. on 01/28/2011
"This is simple and effective. If you need something to cover your face, or neck this is what i recomend you buy. can't beat the price. THANK YOU EVIKE!!
by Alex G. on 12/19/2010
"I love this headwear! It is amazing! It will fit anyone despite how huge it looks when you first take it out and the material feels great. If it is hot out you can uncover your mouth and be cool while still wearing it but if it is cold you can cover everything but your eyes and it will keep your head really warm. The only annoying thing is that I live in Arizona so I wanted tan/black to bland in but I was sent yellow/ black so I don't blend in very well. So if you are getting this only for the color then I advise against it because there is no way to know what color you will receive but if you want it for the item itself then definitely get it!
by Curtis B. on 04/21/2010
"These are very nice! They're incredibly soft and keep you very cool. I wore it over my head kept my face exposed, and despite in being like 80 degrees was plenty warm and kept very well hidden. Just wearing it around your neck keeps the sun off you and it keeps you at a pleasant temperature! A must have for either a sniper who does not want a gillie, or some one who just wants to accentuate their uniform!
by Jareth B. on 04/12/2010
"These will not keep you warm in the winter, i'd suggest wearing a scarf instead. To be Honest a shemag is great to have. There is a reason why people still use them, they work. They are light and breathable, keep the sun and bugs off your face. They also absorb the sweat which makes you that much more comfortable. In a stitch if you feel really hot you can wet it down and and use it to cool your head off.

I always carry mine with me in my equipment packs for airsoft, even for long hikes, it works great.
by Cory Z. on 04/09/2010
"Great piece of equipment, pretty much essential. Bought it for a friend but I was kinda mad. I ordered desert/black and I got yellow/black. He honestly didn't give a ****, he just wanted a shemagh. Print and stitching is great.
by Juan A. on 03/15/2010
"Got me a tan-black color one for my winter hiking trips to the California mountains. It exceed my expectations as I had one similar that I got at a department store, but that one was lighter, smaller and made out of thinner fabric. But this one, is one tough and comfortable shemagh. Kept me warm for miles. And I know I can use it for multiple things because of the tough fabric and the size it is. I recommend it to anyone who wants it.
by Christopher M. on 02/09/2010
"Awesome I should of bought every color!!!!

i love it. I can't wait to use it next game. I seriously wish I bought more you can cover your ugly MUG haha just kiddingbuy you can seriously cover your face mask to add more realism to the game plus it makes you blend into the field more. good quality, and great price deserves a 5 star rating!!!

Trust me buy more than one you'll wish you bought more colors
by Dave J. on 09/25/2009
"Allah ackbar? hehe, i should get one of these, they have a very nice print, and would look good and keep you warm in winter battles.
by levi d. on 04/21/2009
"i love mine, u can wrap it the traditional (classic middle eastern wrap)way then tuck it under your goggles for FULL protection from all angles, i usually tie it the traditional way then pull it around my neck for a cool SAS spec ops look
by Robert T. on 12/18/2008
"This is a very good peice of kit. I love how i can wear this instead if a mask and it really dosent hurt if you get hit in the head. tie it right and put good gogles over it and it deserves 5 out of 5