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Model: GC-TX-10-GXG

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by colleen v. on 2014-12-25 16:01:55
"Very well made. Made from a sturdy plastic. Definitely will get its use.
Foam falls out but some glue or tape will fix that. A bit small for my hi capa. But it fits. I have to turn the second mag sideways, and keep one in the gun but it works.

Black (low profile)
Very cheap (was $2 when I got it)

Foam falls out
by chris d. on 2014-12-10 17:11:29
"Well made case

Barely fits an M9 or Hi-Capa, but they do fit and are held securely--ideal for compacts and sub-compacts

Foam could use some hot glue or double-sided tape to hold it in place within the case

Nice hinge and good clasps

Worth 2 bucks for sure

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)