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Save Phace Tactical Eye Protection Sly Series Goggles - Clear Lenses

5 Customer Reviews

by Lee S. on 04/24/2015
"Ha everything fogs if you are hot enough. It can be a double-pane lens, have 3 fans, and be liquid cooled and they will still fog. It is a matter of good anti-fog. I will not promote anti-fog here but do your research. You guys must buy new goggles every time your current pair fog?...

Anyway Save-Phace makes good eye pro. Do recommend. I get shot in the face a lot (because I use cover and I got a big head) and they still don't have a scratch.

And as I would with all face protection: get anti-fog.
by benjamin o. on 06/24/2014
"The goggles are very solid and comfortable and is super clear and very low profile but the downside is that they dont have a thick enough layer of anti fog coating so buying anti fog spray would really help since playing in a balaclava with just an eye hole and no mouth hole really fogs up your eye protection even more means it needs a thick layer of anti fog coating but overall very good glasses
by JOSEPH S. on 12/30/2013
"These at first seem to be great goggles, but after playing with them for a couple of hours, I found that they fog very easily. They also distort your view just a little bit. If they can be fixed with anti fog spray they would be great goggles.
by Christian J. on 01/23/2014
"'I got these goggles because I was looking for some good ones. Obviously I bought these, because they're Save Phace. I was dead wrong on the quality, When they came in the mail, I put them on and the anti fog coating wore off after a bit (I was trying on my new other gear lol), and even if you put anti fog spray on them they still fog up. Badly. Like I-can't-see bad. Maybe it was the anti fog spray that wasn't good, but I use the same spray on other things and it works fine. Guess I'll have to find a new pair of goggles that I can see through my scope with. Or get some different anti-fog.

Very, very clear when they're not foggin up every friggin second

by Skyler B. on 02/28/2016
"First, I have to point out that these WILL NOT FIT with the Matrix Striker Gen 1 or 2 mesh lower face masks or the Bravo Strike Steel

Virtually none

Don't fit with mesh masks
Don't fit without masks on a bare face
Ride up when your eyebrows move even a little
Fog even with antifog applied
Adjustment buckle pinches the ear
Scratch very easily

0/10 would not even buy as a gift for a new airsofter