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Matrix Military Style "Clear View" Tactical Sand Goggles - Black

6 Customer Reviews

by Coleman K. on 01/16/2018
"Works great with a shemagh (dunno if I spelt that right) and a lower face iron mesh. I did some modification to mine so it doesn't smush my nose but all that took was a minute and a lighter, no biggie. before I used it in a game I shot it with a pistol a couple yards back. I was kinda skeptical about the lens being thin but they took the shots good. Overall. I would definitely recommend these goggles.

Also, people under 18 need full face protection so I would recommend these goggles and a lower mesh. Paintball masks suck for aiming, never wear them
by Patrick G. on 10/14/2014
"Easily gets the job done. They may seem big, especially to ladies or those with smaller faces, but just tighten them so that they are, or are at least close to full seal. They may look big and kinda dumb, but hey, you have a huge field of view, almost completely unobstructed, a far larger field of view than many other goggles that are more expensive than these.

They also easily survived a close range hit from some BB, I wasn't sure what it was but it brushed it off like nothing.

These aren't the best for defogging themselves, but if you have these well fitted and some defogging spray, you'll be indestructible! No complaints from me, they are perfect for me, especially because I wear glasses underneath, and the goggles and the glasses do not hit up against each other at all.
by Skylar G. on 06/11/2018
"These are okay but they are uncomfortable even with adjustment you should invest more money in your eyes
by Patton C. on 07/26/2012
"I ordered this with the (Hakkotsu?) Iron Face lower face mask, Great product! This goggles are very big but they are flexible enough to fit most faces. These fit great with the Iron Face, maybe even better that Flakjaks Awesome product!

Very comfortable
Fit great with Iron face
Look Awesome

Big on smaller faces
Can fog slightly

But other than that I would absolutely recommend this to any Airsofter that is on a Budget!
by Bill W. on 07/20/2012
"These are not all that expensive but they get the job done. I used them on the airsoft field allday on a humid 100+ degree day and they fogged up just a little. Yoiu can easily fit a pair of regular glasses under them and thery fogged up much more than these goggles did. I took several close-range shots to the lense of the goggles during the course of the day and it didn't mar them at all.

Good, reasonably priced goggles!
by Jane X. on 03/11/2016
"These googles were very comfortable and wide angled. However the lens seemed thin and not very protective. And also u might want to check with your local field, as mine rejected these. The ref came over and told me that these r not thick enough. So if your field has something like this don't buy these.