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G&G Turbo Fan for Tactical Goggles (Extremely Low Noise Super High RPM)

9 Customer Reviews

by Brandon T. on 03/19/2017
"The fan in this kit runs very quiet and has a nice shroud that tapers down to a rectangle to better fit the goggle vents. I installed mine on a pair of ESS Profile Pivot goggles, and the fan shroud fits like it was made for them. I chose to mount my battery box inside my helmet to protect it (the battery box is ABS plastic) and I just soldered a connector (not included) between the fan and the battery box so I can remove the goggles from my helmet.

I played CQB for about 6 hours, and not once did I have a fog issue. The kit does not come wired together, so some basic soldering is involved. The included battery box goggle strap seems nice, but I haven't used it since my battery box is in my helmet.

One downside is that if you use an action camera mounted to the front of your helmet, the fan noise is very overpowering to the mic. The fan is actually very quiet (near silent on the field) but my camera would pick it up and drown out everything else. I chose to mount an external mic to my camera 4" away from the fan which solved the problem.

I highly recommend this kit if you don't mind some minor soldering. I would have given it 5 stars if the kit included a connector.
by Brett T. on 11/26/2014
"The Good: I have this fan with my Guarder / AIM C5 SWAT Protection Special Force Goggles, and I must say the Fan alone makes a big difference. I also wear Glasses underneath the goggles. I actually zip-tied the fan right at the divot on the top of the goggles, pulling air out of the goggles. When the goggles are wedged correctly on my face, they just barely fit, quite snug, between my helmet and mesh faceguard comfortably, whilst sitting atop the bandana I use for capturing sweat. The goggles barely fog as is, but the fan really does improve upon that even more. Lasts for hours, does it's job well.

The Bad: Sadly, it can only help my glasses but so much. My glasses are now the problem with fogging up, whereas the Goggles actually won't.

The Ugly: Unfortunately, when it comes to Misty weather, you're up poop creek. Due to the abundance of moisture, and heat/sweat from your body - it builds up and quickly at that with moisture/condensation. No worries about fog still haha. Great product, may buy 1-2 more to REALLY get that airflow going.
by Jonathon R. on 11/21/2014
"This fan is amazing I used the zip ties it canes with and strapped it to my revisions and cut holes for better airflow then I soldered the wires together and covered it in two layers of heat shrink tubing, if you have fogging problems do go for the antidote solutions that wear off use this its soo usefull I don't think I can use anything else. The only major problem is the direction the fan spins its made to be mounted inside your goggles so I mounted mine outside and removed a few screws to flip it but it was polarized so you can't switch the positive/negative wires.

Super quiet to other people (you can hear it if you try to notice)
Keeps your face cooler
Keeps goggles from fogging

It's designed to be mounted INSIDE goggles
Hair can get tangled in it
Non polarized motor (only spins one way)
You have to modify you goggles
Takes some skill to install properly
Battery strap sucks
by Daniel D. on 04/06/2012
"i would recommend this for any one who uses goggles without a mask, or mesh lower half mask. i used it with a paintball mask and still had some fogging, and added a computer cooling fan to blow my breath thru the front vents to avoid it spreading out and fogging my mask. with both fans on a can play in hot rainy weather and only have slight fogging. if you live in a less humid area this fan alone my be enough to fully eliminate fogging. i have double fogging issues because i also wear glasses, so when one layer fogs up, so does the other. this fan is perfect. the cooling fan was too big to go where this fan does, and would not work alone just blowing my breath away. you NEED some air circulation thru the goggle system to keep it from fogging. if you do live in a humid climate you might want 2 of these, just place them side by side. if you have the tools and experience, you could easily wire them to the same battery pack. i gave it 4 stars cuz in my high humidity environment, i did need another fan to help it out.
by Jonah K. on 10/19/2014
"The concept it great and the amount of airflow this creates is more than enough to keep you cool when there is no natural airflow available. Easy to attach and worth the money... if it wasn't for the wiring..

At first I tried to simply electrical tape them together.. took them to an outdoor game and they came apart minutes before the game started (understandably). However, I then tried soldering them together AND put shrink tubing around the joint. This appeared to work at first but again, minutes before the game started it started cutting in and out, and eventually completely stopped working. I'm going to retry the soldering, but the effort is just not worth the money...

Maybe I'm just unlucky. If you feel superior with your electrical abilities, this is a great solution to your fogging problems. If you are still learning to perform these tasks, like me, find a different goggle fan or buy better goggles.
by Juan D. on 10/24/2015
"The packaging is terrible. The product is incomplete. The comparability with other masks is terrible. Decide for yourself, but this product is junk.
by eduardo d. on 07/27/2015
"1. Battery case doesn't come wired to the fan so you'll have to connect that yourself.
2. fan is bigger than advertised, doesn't fit on most goggles.
3. the amount of air flow it creates is very small, you would need at least 2 to have a decent air flow.
4. the fan isn't that quiet so if it's close to the top of your head, you'll hear a buzzing sound.
by Christopher V. on 07/10/2015
"Not what I expected. Bigger than it advertises and over all disappointed
by James B. on 07/07/2015
"What a piece of junk! Mine came WITHOUT a spring for one negative pole as well any connection between the two batteries on one end of the battery box. How do they expect the circuit to be completed? For $25.00 it's too much hassle to try and return it. Shane on Evike for selling such junk!