Reviews: G&P OEF Series USMC Goggle (3mm PC glass) -Black.

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Model: GO-GP396

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by Ryan L. on 2010-12-01 18:23:34
"These are the strongest goggles I own. It stopped a 600 fps gas sniper rifle round from 20ft away!!!

-Look super cool

-They fog REALLY bad(can be solved by removing strange cloth stuff covering the rim & de-fog)
-easily scratched
by Tsukasa R. on 2010-10-21 02:36:41
"Since my last review I have discovered that the lenses have a film on the front which I suggest be removed, after that these goggles are fantastic.
by Scott M. on 2010-06-10 17:51:56
"Definetly a good set of goggles right here. Although as previous reviews have mentioned, the lens does lave a small gap at the sides of the goggles (can be fixed by heating the lens and slightly bending it. Carefully of course!). And for me it feels like there is something pressing against the bridge of my nose. I also found the rubber padding on the nose to be just fine.

-Very nice, not obstructing your field of view at all
-Relatively Cheap

-Doesn't fit perfectly right out of the box, but can be altered slightly (AND CAREFULLY) to fit.

Summary: Buy these if you want a good pair of goggles for a reasonable price.
by carol p. on 2010-04-03 13:28:32
"these goggles are great!!!!!!!!!! my parents got this for me for christmas, and it rocks!!! it hardly fogs,(if you dont wear a blaclava or anything that covers your nose.) but that is not a problem for me, and for some of my friends.
by Nelson M. on 2009-09-02 22:09:45
"Awesome goggles, the best I've seen. Little expensive but worth every dollar. Awesome on my MICH 2000.
by nigel s. on 2009-03-20 16:18:15
"nice if u want a black hawk down or 90,s delta lok ....sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet
by Marcus N. on 2009-03-15 00:58:54
"these are cool looking goggles. they work perfectly. the only thing is that its not foam that pressing against your face, its rubber. so it might be a little uncomfortable for some people.
by Jerry C. on 2009-01-08 20:04:42
"These googles look awesome! I wear a balaclava, so I haven't had any problems with it rubbing against my cheek. They fog up a little but by removing the top foam strip, it makes it better. I haven't had any problems with them falling apart either. I was very pleased with these goggles(although I wish they came with a cover)
by Patrick B. on 2008-10-09 15:56:03
"I wish i knew what was wrong with my goggles that i bought but these suck they look good but its constantly faliing apart
by Kyle C. on 2008-09-09 16:52:39
-Low Profile
-Work great with helmets
-Great Quality
-Thick lense

-Fog (like all goggles)
-Dont bend around face (which doesnt bother me)
-Rubber NOT foam for face sealing strip

These are really good goggles, i eventually just replaced the lense with mesh because mesh is so AWESOME. But as a normal pair of goggles they work good. To decrease fog, take the top and bottom foam off. One thing though, since there is no foam on the face seal the nose piece makes parts of my nose bright red for a day or two.
by Howard H. on 2008-05-02 16:01:52
"These are good goggles, the plastic is 3mm thick which is great, no bb is going through these, they are also low profile which means you will have no problems using these goggles with your sights. I feel very safe when wearing these goggles.

One thing to keep in mind is that they scratch relatively easily. They also have a tendency to fog if you do not take the foam off the vents (on the top and the bottom). Another thing to keep in mind is that in nose piece is a hard rubber not foam so depending of the contour and shape of your face you may want to cut down the rubber to make it fit more comfortably.

Another thing to keep in mind is that since the Plastic is very thick the goggles wont bend easily. This could be a problem because the lenses are relatively flat and not contour for some people faces so they may not fit close to your face at the ends of the goggles. This can be fixed though, you need to remove the lenses and heat them and bend them slightly, if you repeat this enough times you will eventually be able to form them to your face.

There are two other potential flaws, one of which is that the straps have a tendency to pull out of the attachment points if you pull too hard on the straps, so be careful. On my goggles the one of the holes that the strap attachement mechanism goes into was deformed so the the strap attatchment mechanism would pull out almost by itself. If this does happen to your goggles this is easily remidied by hot glueing the attatchment mechanisms into the holes.

Very thick lenses
Low profile, easy to use sights

Requires some work to get working as they should.
lenses scratch easily

I really liked these googles even though they took alot of work to get working right. But eventually I had to stop using them because they got so scratched it was hard to see.

Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 reviews)