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Condor STRYKER Tactical Gloves (Color: Tan / Medium)

20 Customer Reviews

by Brevin T. on 01/29/2018
"Very good gloves. There are comfortable and affective on the battlefield. The only thing is that the gloves are more on the tighter side, which isn't really all that bad because it can be good to grab magazines from pouches pockets etc.
by Timothy C. on 01/09/2018
"Nice and dexterous, the knowledge that my knuckles have armored coverage is easy to forget - great for speed.
by Josh B. on 11/01/2017
"These gloves are amazing, such a nice quality to all the material. I would defiantly recommend these to anyone, also coming in three different colorways is a bonus for different loadouts.
by Russell B. on 09/11/2017
"Great fit, great price, great design. Not much else to say.
by Peyton H. on 08/13/2015
"I love these gloves. Have a real "operator" feel. Lots of padding on the knuckles, and smaller pads on the fingers. The palm also has thin padding with excellent grip. A must have if you want to keep your hands protected.
by Ron H. on 12/19/2014
"Very good pair of tactical gloves. The rubber padding provides great protection and comfort at the same time. They were able to eliminate most of the pain from shots to the hand, even at CQB engagement ranges

Good grip
Looks tactical
can clip together

Can't really think of any cons.

Looking back, you can't go wrong with these gloves. Only reason why I stopped using them were because I lost them :D
by Morgan E. on 01/17/2014
"I have owned these gloves for almost 3 years. While the "webbing" on the fingers does wear off after some use, this does not affect the overall product in any way. They are very flexible and comfortable once broken in, and even after almost three years of hard airsoft play and using them as work gloves, they continue to perform. The velcro is high quality and does not wear, and the materials used for the glove as a whole are both comfortable and very well made. Overall, I would definitely recommend these gloves. They continue to perform when gloves I've owned at more than twice the price have failed.
by Ian S. on 08/18/2013
"I've had these for about awhile now and for the money that I spent on these were worth it!! Comfortable, light, flexible, and great fabric. I do a lot of jumping over obstacles and so far not a single tear on these gloves yet. Time to time I grab these gloves to work on my jeep sometimes because there so comfortable. I highly recommend these.
by Jack Z. on 05/07/2013
"Great gloves. They are very comfortable and sturdy. The pads in them are very nice. The only thing about them is that they are REALLY darker then they appear.
by Christine K. on 06/24/2012
"These gloves are amazing! I played with today for the first time and got shot in the hands like 10 different times. The knuckle protection on these are amazing! They are very high quality and durable and is also low costing. I cant think of any cons for these gloves. Too azing! If I didn't have these gloves my hands would be bleeding. GET THEM!!!
by Francis G. on 01/12/2012
"THESE GLOVES ARE GREAT just got them today in the mail, if u get the tan its a little darker then they appear on the computer (not that i care) Overall 5 out of 5 Worth 18 bucks
by August S. on 12/20/2011
"Very durable and rugged gloves. The grips on the finger tips of the glove works very well. The padding on the palm feels very comfortable. The stitching on the gloves are well done, ensuring a tight fit that is the shape of your hand. The glove is actually a little darker than the color shown in the picture.
Because its made by condor, you know its going to be a good product.
by Alex D. on 12/18/2011
"Dont listen to Alec, the texture on the fingers is very sticky and i love that. It is made of a great material, feels really strong and the foam on the knuckles is great. I rate it 5/5
by Brett F. on 11/30/2011
"I bought these gloves and they are awesome. They have great knuckles and finger grips. They also have padding on the palm of the glove and it make more comfortable to hold your pistol grip. GET THESE NOW IF YOU WANT GLOVES!
by debra h. on 11/02/2011
"these are really good i got it today i rate 5 out of 5