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Condor MOLLE Style Water Hydration Carrier (Color: OD Green)

41 Customer Reviews

by Vinson L. on 05/10/2008
"This is really useful if your going to the field for a long period of time. This is one of a MUST for a tactical vest. It saves you space, and can save your life from dehydration!

- M.O.L.L.E Adapted
- 4 Different Colors
- Water tube is covered with protected rubber foam to prevent cuts and damages
- Hydration bladder is inside the carrier protecting it from damages
- Holds a large amount of liquid.


NOTE: After buying, make sure you clean it well. It will taste like plastic because it is new. Never put soda! Designed for LIQUID only. Make sure you clean after use and empty the liquid. DO NOT STORE WITH water! It will cause bacteria and fungus!
by Howard H. on 05/06/2008
"Great Hydration Carrier, So far I have had no Issues with the bladder itself (I have only played one game with it) The nozzle is actually a really cool design, you have to pull out on it to unlock it and then bite down on it to get the water to come out, this is a phenomenal feature because I found that on my old vest using just a Platypus I would bump the nozzle and it would leak but that is no longer a problem with this design. Their is only one quirk with this and it is that the MOLLE on this is different than the MOLLE on my Pantac vest, everything still fits but the loops are different lengths apart so the straps have to twist a little to fit right. its like 5 Pantac loops to 4 of these. Also the color is a little darker (OD) than my Pantac vest but I like having the two tones so it doesn't bother me but just FYI.
by Colin P. on 05/02/2008
"I love this Hydration Carrier because it fits just the right amount of liquid in a nice small pouch type deal, i also love the M.O.L.L.E. Webbing on it so i can attach a butt dump pouch to it!
by Jared B. on 05/19/2017
"The Backpack that carries the hydration bladder is really well made, durable and fantastic. The bladder that came with the hydration carrier i bought unfortunately broke where the hose connects to the bladder after my first use, however i feel like that happens. It was very unfortunate trying to gear up and having the bladder leak all down my back and legs. However the hydration carrier is really nice and I would recommend it to others.
by Jason D. on 10/03/2014
"Everything was like I expected. There's enough room for other things like a green gas container and BB bottle. It also has its own straps so you,can wear it as a backpack, instead of having to attach it to a MOLLE vest. It also has Velcro to attach patches on aswell! I was slightly disappointed when I found out my bladder was OD Green and not black, which is why I'm taking away a star. Besides that, it works as it should and is easy to drink from.
by Jacob G. on 01/13/2014
"- Personal Background
I am 5'9'' 190lbs. I have owned this hydration pack for over 4 years. I am not a airsofter, I am a military simulation paintballer.

- First Impressions
Very well made

- Initial cons
This camelback is designed as a full length for large vests such as the interceptor or ciras. The reason this is a con for me is I have a condor MOPC, which is a compact vest.

Vest fits
- Full length vests like the CIRAS
- Will not fit compact vests without modification, the camelback will have 2-3 inches hanging if placed on a compact vest. You can sit your camelback high but you will still have 2 inches hanging off. To fix this you will need to take this to a tailor to have it modified to fit correctly, or do it yourself.

- Overall
This camelback does it's job and has high quality materials and stitching. It's lasted through 4 years of abuse and still feels like it's brand new. I would recommenced this product to anybody. The only reason this isn't 5 stars is because with how many compact style plate carriers condor makes, this should be sized according to them, or it should have been listed by the manufacturer.
by Mohd Fauzi H. on 01/30/2012
"Good quality product from Condor. Straightforward, no fuss simplistic design. Quite light with bladder installed.
I've gave this 4 stars but more like 4.5 stars. Satisfied.

- Inside top have two velcro 'hanger' to attach to the bladder top lip to prevent sagging
- Somewhat easy to detach shoulder strap (but a quick detach clip preferred)
- Good quality bladder included (haven't tried with water yet)
- Mouthpiece can be rotated 360deg

- Shoulder strap is not as comfortable to wear as padded ones.
- Valve from bladder connecting to hose need to be screw in, instead of snap-in seal
by Michael B. on 06/03/2010
"good pak. i got it in black. the blader is kind lame. (not very strong) os buy a better one. and the straw is good but the casing came in green. but other than that i like it
by Douglas A. on 02/01/2009
"i pick this Matrix MOLLE style water hydration carrying system up and love it the only think i would do is get a new bladder. once you have the drnking tob on your vast it is hard to fill up the bladder you need to have the drinking tob on it or when you are filling it water will come out buy a new bloadder
by Michael G. on 10/26/2008
"It is called a hydration bladder and yes it comes with it though when you get it it is hard to open at first!
Great way to keep cool all in all.
by Don D. on 10/13/2008
"dude does this come with the hydration drinking?LOL sorry I do not know the real name.