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Big Dragon Night Combat Tracer Unit (Full Auto Airsoft BB Illuminator) - Dark Earth

3 Customer Reviews

by James D. on 10/11/2014
"Works very well, first night I used it my friends were in awe and wanted one. After reading many reviews, I decided on using .25 green BB's. I have yet to use it a skirmish, but don't think I'll be disappointed. Product seems well built and operates easily.
by William G. on 09/12/2013
"Bought three of them for me and my boys. one works fine, the other two after inserting batteries wouldnt work, luckily I am a electronics engineer, so re wiring and re-assembling was not a big deal, but if you buy one, keep the reciept.
by Wilee D. on 06/08/2015
"When I received the unit I was not impressed with the construction of the unit. Was very hesitant about the unit since based on the reviews its a hit and miss, my hope was that this unit would work for the event I was going too. I tested the unit out before bringing to the event on semi and full. semi tested good but my bbs would curve a little bit then usual. Full it would only light every other bb. Not all of them. I have a stock Krytac PDW RPS 18 FPS 347 on a 7.4 Lipo Battery. Unit would light every other bb. Was sufficent enough for me on semi since ‘you get what you pay for’.

When I used the unit at our local 48 hour event:
The unit would light bbs every other bb on full, just like it did when I was home (semi worked okay), and then it stopped working after maybe 20 shots, just during testing phase before any ‘real use’. I changed the batteries, did not light, changed to new batteries, did not light.

During my testing onsite the unit would curve the bbs at an exaggerated angle as well, something I didn’t catch when I tested on a short range, not my hop up unit since when I tested it was working just fine/ normal without the tracer unit. Tested on another persons gun as far as curve, kept curving.

The thread was weak and didn’t hold very long on the front cap. I would try to tighten the cap but it would simply revert to a loose state after a slight nudge after a few turns so the cap fell off constantly during the night. This was after the fact that the unit was just for decoration and not lighting anything.

So all in all I get a decorative piece with no tracing function, curving my bbs, and a cap that I had to leave off during the night. I eventually took the unit off. It served no good purpose then a 45 dollar paper weight.