Reviews: Matrix Airsoft Tactical Rubber Bayonet with Sheath & M4 / M16 QD Mount (Belt / MOLLE Ready)


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Model: Bayonet01
Location: V7-019 L7-T07

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by Steven C. on 2010-09-14 03:24:04
"I used one of these bayonets during a match after my AK battery died on me. Used it "Call of Duty" style with my gas pistol and I must say the quality is amazing. The one I used was airbrushed and everyone thought it was a real knife from a distance. It's actually reasonably combat effective for former martial artists like myself. I managed to tag somebody with the knife by throwing it at him during a match. Its a neat little novelty item and I will most likely have to buy one for myself.
by Eric C. on 2010-09-13 13:20:19
"really good plastic knife. details make it look likes its real! ^_^

Dont poke anyone cause you might get an injury

I rate 5/5
by fred S. on 2010-06-22 11:08:51
"I purchased this because I couldn't find a rubber K-Bar for under $30, I did not have intent of using this as a bayonet nor will I be using it as such.

Tons of quality for the price
Blade is rubber, everything else is hard plastic
The point where the blade connects to the handle does not feel weak as one might expect
Paints up nicely (comes as pure black)
Sheath is an amazing bonus! I had expected it to be trash and give me away when sneaking around but it doesn't rattle like expected.

Rubber is tough and could actually hurt someone if your not careful
Blade edge and point wear down fast and lose shape
Hard plastic pieces may break if thrown or dropped on a hard surface
Only fits M4/M16s with standard front sight bayonet lug.

DO NOT buy this if you intend to use it a bayonet for melee, I would use it for aesthetic purposes but the mounts would almost surely break if you used it to bayonet someone; not to mention you may hurt them. As a melee knife it works great.
Owned about a month.
by Ryan C. on 2010-05-16 15:47:23
"This is looks a LOT better in your hands than it dose in the pic

Great looking
made out of rubber (It won't break if it bends)
Sheath inciuded
BIG (the blade is about 7in long)

The barrle on my M4 was too short so the part where it goes over you barrle hangs like an inch off of it
likes to bounce arround if you only have it on your belt
this only fits on m16's and m4's

this is a great Bayonet but make sure that youm16/m4 has a long barrel. and if you are having problums mounting this look for the thing that hanges under the front sight infront of the sling mount and slide it right down.
by andrew r. on 2010-05-11 20:43:13
"great bayonet! i love it (even though i dont own it personally). my friend own one of these and looks great and i really fun to use.

i once tried to use just the bayonet like a knife in a war..... it didn't work as good as you might think it did.

great strongly recommended. and its only $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Christopher G. on 2010-03-21 20:34:58
"lol. yeah it is pretty cool me and all my friends ordered one and we get in huge knife fights. If you do decide to spray paint it be forewarned that the paint does chip when you put the knife back in the sheath
by jeric j. on 2010-03-10 20:52:32
"really cool knife highly recommended but when yo spray paint it silver to make it look realistic it could scratch off from the case not saying that is happend to me my friends so he just spraypainted it again and clear coated it but really really good knife for close combat

Tips: when your going close range lunge at them or if they are too fare throw it at them its still a kill

hope i helped
by brandon h. on 2010-02-22 16:40:10
"To anyone wondering the blade part is about 6 1/2 inches and the whole knife is shy of one foot.

Now onto a short review...
The knife itself has a nice size and the blade is nice and flexible. One thing i dont like is the whole plastic feel/quality. It has very noticeable lines from bad molding and is extremely lite. It has a nice feel in my hand but at the same time feels toyish. Im planning on putting about half an hour into it and sand down the lines from bad molding and add some weights into the handle and it should make the feel and look of it much much better. But really, for $10, i cant expect it to be amazing and it also comes with a sheath which is nice. So for $10, i would totally recommend buying it, its nothing special but with some time put into it, it could look very nice... and again, its only $10!
by Hunter M. on 2010-02-08 14:55:06
"extreemly good bayonet very realistic it looks a lot like the marine's KA-BAR which has been their knife of choice since vietnam i believe the sheath feels like its made from a cheaper plastic so it probably couldn't take too much banging heck its $10 get a new one if you would love it that bad the knife is a very high quality piece of a rubbery plasticy material for the blade and the handle is an abs plastic on the bottom of the grip is a locking mechanism to put on your m4/m16 style rifle
Very Realistic!
great for mil-sim players
fun to do knife only fights with in the back yard
a lot of plastic on the sheath
rattle inside the hand grip of the knife itself (not very stealthy)
after vigerous use there seems to be a seam forming in the grip but no worrys it looks well built
i do not see a way to mount it on molle gear without somthing extra like a black shoelace or somthing like that

defenitly a good buy for just about anyone dont go without it because sooner or later you will run out of ammo or want to embarass a bad sniper (another story) $10 heck throw it in that cart of your's it wont make you go broke ( i hope)
by bob m. on 2010-01-27 12:34:55
"well well i find it suprising cause it fitted my kwa m4! very realistic nice handle(the handle dosent even feel like plastic)

-feels great
-nice and big
-attaches to m4/m16s

-didnt really fit on my belt buckle but it fits on my vest!
-it does hurt alot when you stab someone hard(depends on body parts)

over all it is great! the good thing is it dosent hurt when you stab them into major body parts!
by Carol B. on 2009-10-07 15:28:13
"Great knife comes all black with sheath. safe, but I wouldn't stab someone very hard with it. the handle is made of harder plastic. It was a lot smaller than I expected.

Pros- Great Knife
Safe plastic
Easy to use as a bayonet
Looks very real with silver spray paint (comes all black)

Cons- Some pieces rattle inside
Could hurt someone if stabbed hard
Doesn't fit anything but M-4/M-16 (it's not suppose to)
Mine came cracked

P.S. Evike shipped it to me in only 2 days! Thanks!
by mary b. on 2009-10-03 15:23:55
"This is a great accessory but the only flaw is it wouldn't fit on my JG M4 S-system. The description says it will fit an M4/M16 but it won't fit my M4 but no reason to knock off any stars. It can hang from your vest or something if you don't have a gun it will fit on. And if you run out of ammo there is one more thing you can do if you have it. Its only $10 so buy it. But someone tell me what i could do to make it fit my M4 or M14 even though they are not made for M14's.

Displaying 37 to 48 (of 75 reviews)

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