Reviews: Matrix Op. High Speed "Special Force" Airsoft Barrel Extension / Mock Silencer 35mm x 150mm (14mm- & 14mm+) - Tan


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Model: MS150-SF-T

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by Travis L. on 2012-03-23 06:01:42
"This is a great looking suppressor. This is a MOCK silencer so it has no suppressing capabilities what so ever. I did improve the accuracy of my JG M4 614 but not as much as I hoped it would. Don't get my wrong, this silencer makes an automatic BOSS out of any weapon you decide to put it on.
Looks boss
Great trademarks

It is a little thick so it it prevents my flip up front sight to flip down all the way, but it can still flip down enough to not hinder any optics.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)