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Madbull Gemtech Blackside Mock Suppressor (Color: Tan / 14mm Negative)

23 Customer Reviews

by AL E. on 04/14/2018
"Excellent, looks so sweet on my sons Scorpion!!! I got one for mine as well!!!
by Mark P. on 09/18/2015
"Pretty good, no problems so far. Stuck it into my Kwa cqr mod2. Only downside is that the letters are upside down when you keep that spring and grey circle on the barrel that can be fixed by taking them off resulting in the letters on the suppressor to be right side up. Overall I would highly recommend this suppressor
by Weston K. on 10/01/2012
"This Mock Silencer is absolutely beautiful on my KJW KC02. I am frequently asked about where I got it, how much it was etc..

-looks awesome
-conceals longer innerbarrels
-looks sexy (did I already mention that?)

-If I had to think of one it would be the price I guess, I still think it's worth it though.

If you're looking to conceal a longer inner barrel or just want to make your rifle look awesome, buy it.
by Andrew P. on 05/26/2011
"Simply just sick.
There are no cons, it just looks amazing. Get this if you want to get an extended barrel while making ur gun look awesome.
by AJ S. on 03/14/2011
"I love it,fits great,one thing,when it's firmly attached the Logo is upside down.
by edan h. on 03/01/2011
"It clearly says counter clock wise C.C.W ( for person under me)

This barrel extension is very good and high quality you can fit a long inner barrel with ease

Its worth every penny
by Neil C. on 01/07/2011
"I think people should go on forums to ask questions, and stop rating products they've never held. For those who don't know; it'll fit any threaded barrel. It comes fit for 14mm cc, however you can buy an adaptor for any other thread type out there. Yes, it fits over inner barrels. As for quality; it's sturdy with no wobble. Nice weight to it. Also the real steel Gem-Tech Blackside comes in two models. The 40 and 45. Connect the dots and you'll find it stands for .40 and .45 cal. This suppressor was designed for pistols of such cal. For rifles, I'd go for the Halo or G5. G5 is a quick mount to the flash hider. Halo goes directly on the threaded barrel. Subs and pdws I'd say the Raptor, but I'm not sure they make a mock Raptor. Hope this helps. Pce
by penelope S. on 09/24/2010
"please tell me can i put a barrel through that
by marc p. on 03/14/2009
"Just a heads up to EVERYONE...most silencers dont silence anything. All the sound and noise is coming mostly from the motor. So, this is pretty much just for looks...which is okay with me. Also, how far does the orange tip come up on this one?
by Tyler B. on 11/12/2008
"And yes, to Richard C-C-W does means counter clock-wise.
by Tyler B. on 11/12/2008
"Will this fit on the Star AW - 338 Limited Edition Sniper Rifle?
by Joseph C. on 11/07/2008
"Great looking supressor, probably the best looking one on the market. Trades are awesome and the only downside is that it does add appreciable weight to the gun that adds up when you have optics, RAS and vert grip installed. It's built like a tank though and your outer barrel will break before this thing does.

To dispell myths about its "silencing" ability I used a sound level meter to determine if it made my gun quieter. In short, no. No change in dB noticed with standard birdcage and silencer installed. What did change was the pitch of the sound. The pitch was lower (think pipe organ, trumpet or soda bottle). The longer the tube the lower the pitch. The pitch was lowered a few tones making the "perceived" sound level seem lower but that was only because the "mock" silencer made the barrel longer. The level of the sound remained the same. I hope this helps all who ask the inevitable question, "will this make my gun more quiet?"
by Richard S. on 10/27/2008
"Does C.C.W. mean Counter Clockwise? Plz respond fast so i know
by braden l. on 10/27/2008
"i agree with william look at your gun info and if u want to find out that my gun was 14mm and that it was counter clockwise if u want to see how to put it on go on to youtube and look up your gun and look at wut gun u want and wut accessory u r thinking about getting i am getting a jg g36c so i looked up this silencer with my gun other wise a good silencer
by Richard S. on 10/11/2008
"Will this fit on a JG M4 S-System??
I need to know before i buy it plz say somin..!