Reviews: Matrix Armed Force Tactical Laser Sight System w/ 20mm Mount & Pressure Switch

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Model: Laser-LS008
Location: U9-129

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by andres r. on 2010-11-01 17:50:19
"I've had this laser for a while now and I personally think that this is a pretty good laser i just had one problem with it the attachment for pistols that it came with never worked i tried it on my pistol and it just broke.

really bright just what you would expect from a laser
it come with a bunch of attachments for pistols and rifles so you can put on either

pistol attachment broke

other than that its a great laser and i would recommend it for outdoors
by Ian B. on 2010-04-01 10:18:50
- Durable
- Bright
- Authentic looking

- Windage/Elevation controls are cheap.
Windage control on mine feels stripped
Elevation control is non-existent (turning it loosens the end-cap and doesn't move the laser).
This is a problem if you're trying to match your laser to actual trajectory of your shots,
as well as match up exact to you're scope.

- The rings provided are not the quick-lock as per the pictures.
The provided rings are actually sturdier, so it's not really a con
(but could upset some people expecting the quick-release lock).

Overall, good product. I can recommend.
by Cody R. on 2009-09-25 14:39:51
"This laser is great. The range is pretty ridiculous, but so awesome.

-All Metal
-Very bright
-Very very long range

This might just have happened to me, but the only con with mine was that it didn't come with a battery like the description said it did. But other than that, this laser's perfect.
by Pablo D. on 2009-09-17 14:43:58
"Mine comes in about 3 days, and yes i am preety darn sure this will fit the jg m4-s-system... it mounts on like all commen known side rails and top rails... in other words. yes.
by mary b. on 2009-09-05 22:21:36
"will this fit my jg m4 s-system. I want to upgrade it more with a flashlight and this.
by Hon L. on 2008-12-24 18:46:20
Battery is cheap
Good battery life.
Good range: At least 300 feet effective. (My AEG don't even shoot that far).
Durable: Full metal, dropped it hundreds of times and had it for over a year now, still works great.
Very accurate.
Has both remote pressure switch and push button.

Con: None really.

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)