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A&K 1:1 Scale BB Fragmenation Airsoft 6mm BB Rubber Hand Grenade

6 Customer Reviews

by Robbie A. on 03/30/2011
"The grenade is amazing. There is one problem, it goes off almost instantly. Easy fix, take fishing string and a metal ring of some sort. tie it to the grenade pin and while it is mid-air or on the ground, you just jerk it back. Also you can modify it so the pin comes out on impact.
by Karen A. on 03/26/2009
"Great grenade i love it 5 stars. great coverage i haven't used it in a war yet. i have thrown it . my sister is scared to death of airsoft so she wont get near me now
by Rayne M. on 09/20/2009
"to reduce the effect of the rubber griping the bb use a metal file in the holes then lubricate works well
by Jason R. on 04/02/2009
"This is a good grenade, it will take green gas propane, but anything stronger will make it go off immediately, or as soon as you let go of the spoon. I have not yet tried HFC134 but I am hoping that it will delay the firing a little.

It holds, and fires 72 bb's in an excellent spread. It does not blow up or need any replacement parts with makes this grenade perfect. But it does have it's issues, it will go off almost immediately so plan accordingly. In my personal opinion this is the best grenade out on the market so far.
by Andrew D. on 10/05/2009
"the grenade overall is ok when it goes off you can feel it but it doesn't hurt. Its nice because everything stays together so you don't spend an hour looking for all the pieces. The only problem is it doesn't have a timer system so half the time it explodes a foot from your hand. I modified mine so that the pin falls out on impact it works pretty good but it is hard to do during the heat of battle but if you can think of a good solution to the timer problem it will be an excellent grenade
by Jared W. on 03/28/2009
"worst grenade ever! it doesnt have a timer device at all! you fill it with bb's then charge it with gas.... the second you throw it it explodes! the only reason i gave it 2 stars is that MAYBE just Maybe it can be used for a quick throw around a corner in cqb....otherwise its useless