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Tokyo Marui Muzzle Velocity Reducer Adapter 14mm Negative

15 Customer Reviews

by Christopher T. on 05/17/2012
"This one operates just like the TM one. I used some of the parts from each one in the other and work great. I have found that the reductions match between the brands as well. The following will help others in knowing the average reduction in FPS when used.

Maximum Reduction to 40-50 % .
Testing with G36C
Original - 82.1m/s - reduce 0%
Yellow - 67.1m/s - reduce 20%
Red - 52.5m/s - reduce 37%
Blue - 48.4m/s - reduce 42%
White - 44.2m/s - reduce 47%
by edo e. on 01/31/2012
"Works great!
Still havent figured out by how much each ring reuces the fps if only evike would put that part in life would be Easter and would eliminate the guesswork but all-round great product

+ if there is anywhere to but the rubber flap thing plz inform thanx
by Red U. on 03/06/2009
"yes this did fit my jg mp5................................ awesome flashider love this thing b
by Avy D. on 02/04/2009
"Great accesory if it fits your gun. Due to its simple design, it is very reliable. It is really just some flaps that your bb hits on its way out, slowing it down.

I can't seem to get it on my echo1 task force full metal mp5 a5 incase you were wondering, i tried 100 times, but if someone knows some kind of secret to the gun, feel free to respond.

Webmaster: Under the flashhdier, you need to locate the 14mm thread (14mm-). If your MP5 don't have it, get a threaded Mp5 flash hider.
by Ryan Y. on 09/30/2008
"This thing attaches to your gun like the flash hider. The rings are spacers to determine how "open" the reducer tab is, thus determines how much velocity you want to reduce.
by Cindy H. on 09/23/2008
"how does this work and what are the rings for??????????????/??????????
by Andy H. on 09/18/2008
"This thing is a live saver! My high power gun can now be used in Airsoft playground that has a 350fps limit.

To remove a flashhider off an AEG, unscrew what you need to unscrew (you might need to go to home depot and buy a set of $2 hex, if you don't have the right size).
by Cindy H. on 09/14/2008
"is there a retaining screw on the src g36c and what do you need to do to take it off if there is one
by John W. on 07/03/2008
"Works like a charm. A good accessory to have if you want to use your outdoor gun as a back up for CQB games with low velocity limit.
by zeeshan q. on 12/29/2013
"well it was good
i had a 400 fps gun and i put all the rings on and i got down to 390 fps
bad thing is there is a hole where the inner rubber was soooo kinda useless
by Branden Y. on 09/22/2010
"does this work on an cyma ak74u? my shots too hot for tac tac and i need 1 these soon.
by Mark S. on 12/04/2011
"Works good on lower or mid ranged guns but the inner ribber the slows down the gun will actually rip out and higher powered guns with a high rate of fire

I played a CBQ game in a warehouse that required guns at least lower then 305FPS, so i had a M4 G&P that went 400FPS and the velocity reducer worked great and bought it down to 300FPS, but after 4 hours of playing after the game i looked at the Velocity reducer and the inner Rubber was completely gone, so its basically useless now

So for high end guns this is kinda useless, it will wore easily and the rubber will just rip out
by Justin H. on 10/09/2008
"will this fit jg mp5 a4?

Please let me know soon
by Keith K. on 01/22/2015
"Don't be deceived to what this product can really do. At first, I thought the principal was to cause an air turbulence in the barrel to reduce muzzle velocity; but it's really more crude than that. It basically screws in/out opening of a rubber flap that the BB must hit to slow it down. I chronoed this and it did reduce FPS, but after a short amount of test shots, the flaps inside the device were starting to become shot out and negating the effect. This essentially makes this thing worthless after the short term. I also heard that certain referees are keen on these devices and generally do not allow them anyway.
by edward q. on 03/01/2015
"It's a simple design with flaps to lower the fps. But I used it once and the flaps were ruined with my 400 fps gun I showed up to the field the next time and couldn't use my gun since the flaps broke. After one day of use! I don't recommend this