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0.30g Match Grade 6mm Airsoft BB by Matrix - 2,000 / White

8 Customer Reviews

by Nathan R. on 12/01/2014
"good quality bbs they shot great through mauser sr pro tacrical no jams my mag broke but not cause of my bbs
by Josh P. on 11/15/2013
"Simply amazing sniper rifle bbs. Very good polish, good roundness and consistency. The best I've ever used. However, pick up a cheap bag of KSCs for target practice, save these ones for games.
by Logan B. on 03/27/2009
"Great BB's! Seems to be a pretty big difference between the .28's I used to use, and these are much better. In rainy weather, I was able to hit a man size target a good 70 yards away. I will definitely continue to use these.
by jesse v. on 01/15/2009
"These bb's are pretty good, and when i say pretty good i mean compared to Maruzen SGM. I use them in my edgi upgraded bar 10 with a edgi 6.01mm barrel and they work great. The fps on my gun is around 550 give or take 5 fps. I reccomend getting these bb's if u dont want to spend money on really expensive bb's. From my experience they are better than TSD and AE.
by Snake C. on 07/30/2008
"Awsome bb. Most high quality bb you can tell from just looking at it and these are definitely the bb you want to trust with your AEG. Used over fifty bags of matrix bb now and not a single time I have problem with them. The run smooth even in my tight bore prometheus and PDI barrels. Very reliable brand of bb. Used to use Marui but those are no where to be found anymore and these are just as good with cheaper price.
by Nick S. on 06/04/2008
"i bought these for my UTG APS2 Type96 Shadow Op Sniper Rifle- ACU, they are great! super accurate the wind hardly effects it! I tested these on a can about 50 feet away on a windy day and i hit them 9 out of 10 times! buy these they are worth it!
by Joshua S. on 08/21/2016
"These BB's by and large work excellently for higher powered AEG's and definitely for sniper rifles. They offer a huge improvement over .20-.25g BB's for obvious reasons. However with this particular product I have had two BB's within my first one thousand rounds fired shatter inside my bone-stock Matrix AW-338. This has led to me twice taking the whole sniper apart to clean shards of BB out of my cylinder, piston, hopup, etc... Not exactly what you want to be doing in the middle of your day playing. I would fear using these BB's in an upgraded even more powerful sniper.

As these are the first BB's I have tried of this weight I have no experience to compare this to, but perhaps for those with more experience with other brands this may serve as a useful point of comparison.
by Andrew K. on 11/24/2013
"I bought these BBs for my M28, and they worked fine for a while with no problems, then I noticed they have feeding issues. I tested these in my JG AUGA3, and they also had feeding issues. When I try to fix the jam in the magazine or gun, I notice a broken BB very frequently. I don't think these are of good quality.

Feeding issues
Break into pieces easily