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0.30g Match Grade 6mm Airsoft BB Rice Bag Bulk Buy by Matrix - 25KG/ White

2 Customer Reviews

by Zach P. on 11/26/2015
"These BB's are amazing! I am running an upgraded Polarstar 4CRL and these BB's are flying as straight as an arrow. I can easily hit over 200 feet accurately. I have yet to see any issues with these BB's. If you are looking for some great BB's in bulk, get these! They are amazing and I will be buying these again in the future.
by Elijah S. on 10/15/2013
"Oh my Atlanta is this thing ridiculously heavy! I have seen the reviews for other people talking about the size and weight was way over their expectations. Because this is .30g BBs, I got the tip of the spear... the mailman actually asked me to help him which gave me a hint that this was not joke. I got this about 6 months ago and I am still freshly batched on BBs since I run these in a WG 6" CO2 Revolver. I got these BBs for the sole purpose of bypassing fields with a strict FPS limit which I know is bad! YES I KNOW! But they are some of my favorite fields and in Cali, we don't got much open arena fields, specifically Southern California. But now to what the buyers really wanted to hear.

These BBs are great, My revolver shoots roughly ~380ish FPS with these and almost 500 with .25s and even over on some occasions. I can safely assume that getting shot by these mofoes is a real bunk on the rear. Coming from the few complaints I got about it. These BBs are very good quality, None are misshaped or appear to have any seams. But because I run a revolver on the field, I am selective of my shots and there for not a ammo consumer so in total I have used somewhere next to 8,000 rounds total. So I can't do a full on spankin review of the whole thing and won't be able to for quite a while as I have a LOOOONG time to go with this monstrosity. But I will be buying this bulk bag again except it'll be the .25s for my SCAR-H and M249 SAW. I am sure I'll be putting up a review on that bag much faster than this since I burn through BBs with those two. Especially the SAW because... well, you know.