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Model: AD-MB-XG02

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by John P. on 2012-08-05 16:19:15
"I got one to fill the cartridges for my M-79. This was my first experience charging any sort of gas gun, and it was an amazing experience. I highly recommend this adapter!
by Cong W. on 2012-06-27 06:11:24
"This is the best propane adapter on there! It greatly decrease the cost for using green gas guns. The chrome part of this adapter is made of stainless steel, the red part is aluminum. The steel is strong enough to stand against the propane, unlike the plastic ones. Be careful when you twist the aluminum cap on steel propane tanks, you might strip the threads on the adapter. Remember to untwist the cap and fill the space on top of the propane tank with silicone spray/oil.
by jack m. on 2012-04-28 09:12:19
"This is a great propane adapter, my old propane adapter's fill stem snapped because it was low quality metal. This madbull propane adapter is MUCH higher quality and will not break on you because its high build quality and excellent materials. Thing is to make sure you always apply silicone cause if not it may get leaky but only when you misuse it.
by Tammy T. on 2012-04-17 17:32:51
"I have been using this adapter for more than a year and it is still going strong. I noticed that the top of the adapter has airsoft spelled "airosft". It is very functional and should not break on you.
by Cameron B. on 2012-04-07 19:41:18
"A Fantastic gas adapter!!!
Had mine for 2yrs before an unfortunate accident rendered it Useless. I'm very happy with this item and will be Purchasing a new unit as soon as Possible.
by Fidel V. on 2012-03-16 16:34:16
"Saves a lot of money and is a great gain in convenience. Not many stores sell green gas, but just about any Big Box Mart store sells propane. Pays for itself after two or three cans. Very well built.
by Christiana O. on 2012-03-10 18:57:24
"Simple, and a money saver. Instead of $7 of green gas, I get a larger $2 can of propane.

Money saver
Oil cap

Very small, needle might break
by Keith E. on 2012-02-19 10:54:42
"I bought this for my king arms gbb m4. It works very well for my Marui 1911, but the valve on the m4 gbb magazine is slightly larger, so the Madbull adapter does not seat properly around the fill valve and sprays propane everywhere. I thought it was o-ring problems so i bought replacements and have gone through nearly all of them before realizing this nozzle does not fit properly.
by vicki b. on 2012-02-04 20:52:18
"the only reason it gets 4 stars is because the other day the propane adapter silicon port when i opened it to release the gas to remove the adapter the adapter had the tank valve pressed in and was stuck pressed in so i lost over 3/4 of a brand new tank of propane but other than that its a good adapter if you don't ever wanna remove it.
by Peter W. on 2011-12-13 20:32:20
"Excellent construction, leak free design (both gas and silicon oil) and positive engagement. I had a Sapien Arms adapter that was spewing liquid propane all over the mag and my hand within a couple of months; its filler stem started to split and broke off in less than a year. I'm very happy with the Madbull and would recommend this over any plastic propane adapter.
by McKane L. on 2011-10-23 21:23:40
"Yup, I agree with everyone! It is a wonderfully designed product at a great price. Solid construction and easy to use. Can't go wrong.


Now, back to the P99 Maruzen domination! :D Thanks Evike!
by Ryan S. on 2011-10-21 14:02:29
"Good for the money, works like advertised. only con is the output spike is a little weak, alluminum, just dont drop it

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