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Airsoft Innovations Propane Adapter for Gas Powered Airsoft Guns

21 Customer Reviews

by Brandon R. on 04/15/2018
"Works as it should. Glad to say good-bye to expensive green gas. So many times cheaper. Adapter won't damage my fill port and is easy to install and comes with some silicone lubricant. What I'd hoped!
by Mel C. on 08/11/2017
"Purchased a WE 7" Xcelerator 5.1 our first gas blowback. So we opted to use propane...this is an excellent option vs greengas or CO2 per refill/$. We filled up a 31 round mag and managed to fire about 50 rnds before needing to fill up with gas again (ambient temp was 82). This Gungas Adaptor Kit came with; Propane Adaptor, Ultra-lightweight Silicone oil and Duster Adaptor.

Some people may have an issue using a plastic adapter, but for me, I think it's less likely to damage your guns refill port than a metal adapter could. I highly recommend this for the value!
by Omar P. on 05/15/2017
"Excellent adapter one of the best out there
the silicone oil works really good on my KWA M9 PTP TACTICAL and comes with a manual about how and what to do and don't with the silicone and the adapter.
Really happy with the purchase
by Daniel W. on 04/11/2016
"By far the best propane adapter out there. Mine is going on 8 years old now and has been used at practically every game I attend. Never fails to perform and hasn't broken yet.
by Henri J. on 04/08/2016
"This has lasted me 4 years+ and still no promblems
by jonathan o. on 12/20/2015
"I got this a few months ago and it has worked great the whole time, yesterday day when I was at my arena some dimwit knocked my propane on the ground and it broke the adapter. other then that it has lasted a lot longer then the 2 other propane adapters I've gotten. You can buy a tiny bottle of green gas at my arena for this much too.
by Max B. on 06/19/2014
"Pros: cheap, effective, durable, comes w/ oil, protective cap, replacement tip, doesn't freeze

Cons: propane can gunk up your gun

Overview: the best propane adapter for your money on the market. If you plan on getting a GBB pistol or rifle or SMG, but don't feel like paying the premium for green gas, you just hit the jackpot. Since propane is 80% cheaper than green gas and more available than green gas. I would not use propane in nice guns, such as KWA's, or Marui's. Propane is ideal for WE tech guns. I would choose this over the Sapien Arms or Madbull adapter because plastic makes for a better adapter because it has more tolerance than metal, and does not freeze as easily. This adapter does not break O-rings.
by Jacob B. on 03/25/2013
"It's basically green gas without the labels

Cheaper than "fancy" green gas
Efficient and durable
Propane costs like $3, compared to a small bottle of green gas that is over $15
Propane n solid metal can instead of thin aluminum, so much safer

Might smell, but hey, it's propane.
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by Josh K. on 11/27/2012
"I have purchased 3 of these over time and they are amazing.
1st one: Lost at field
2nd one: Propane tank dropped of top shelf and bent tip off
3rd one: still going strong

Plastic is better than metal because metal-on-metal can damage the nozzle.
Comes with oil
Nozzle has a tab to see if your propane tank has a broken O-ring
you can use the duster adapter to fix your nozzle if it breaks


Overall: BUY THIS THING. Ive bought 3!!
by Michael B. on 04/19/2012
"Im an Experienced Gas Gun User and this has been the best Adapter ive come across so far. Does not destroy your o ring seals and does not spray much gas out when finishing up a fill. The actual tip can get chewed uo i bit if you dont take care. Just dont beat on it it and it will last you. Having the oil is a plus too.
by Mike G. on 02/06/2012
"I bought this for use w/ Coleman Propane (from WalMart) in my HFC Full Metal Full Auto M190 & it works wonderfully! No complaints. Recommend.
by Tomas P. on 06/13/2011
"Awesome Propane Adapter

I own the madbull metal one and this one is 10 times better, easier, and does not leak.

Mine came with the bottle of silicone oil. Two drops for every 4 - 8 magazines

10/10 If you need a propane adapter GET THIS ONE!!!
by Floyd A. on 03/04/2011
"Best adapter ever!!! Vary strong plastic, and will not brake. I would recommed this.
by Jonathan R. on 11/14/2008
"Great adapter. All in all, it's a great adapter. Just don't forget to buy your own oil.
by Wallace W. on 11/10/2008
"These are NOT for Co2 cartridge. They are to be used on the propane tanks.

Here is a link to what those tank look like so you can buy them at K-mart or Wal-mart.

That link is the yellow propane adapter, I like that one more because it is made out of strong polycarbonate so it will last you forever. This AI one is nice too.