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0.20g Match Grade 6mm Airsoft BB Bulk Buy Bag by Matrix - 20,000 / Black

1 Customer Review

by Elijah S. on 07/05/2014
"I have grown accustomed to Matrix BBs for quite some time and have been using them ever since I went to my very first match. These BBs are good quality for the general population of airsofters, begginers or veterans alike. More often then not, these BBs will serve you the good fortune of never jamming and or breaking in your gun. Same thing goes for the black BBs. I will say that I am slowly moving to Elite Force because I have noticed a positive accuracy difference between the two but Matrix has never failed me as of yet and I have been going at this sport (and these BBs) moving on 3 years.

Now on to it being "night shade" BBs, as me and my friends like to call it, it serves a very great purpose of keeping you hidden. I would first like to admit that I use these in a CA M249 SAW Paratrooper LMG because that thing eats BBs for lunch so the 20,000 bulk bag is a bigger benefit for me. Yes, I use black BBs, get mad if you want, ans YES I use these on an LMG and if you want to punch me I understand. But as a support gunner you want to stay the fight as long as possible for your team. Having a loud gun gives off your possition immediately. Following the line of tracers means a few more sprays and you gotta move. But if you can't immediately find the source that is all the better. Simple Logic.

-Black = Invisible (Oh hey! That means I'm in--- nevermind...)
-Comes in 20,000 for relatively affordable price
-SAW gunner's dream (Recommend to my fellow support gunners
-Matrix is high quality and cheap (rare combination these days)

-Harder for you follow your own shots at a distence (Simple fix; mix these with same gram BB and same brand of BBs so you have a "tracer" ever now and then
-People give you crap because your using black BBs (Racist bast--- nevermind...)

Overall opinion: Matrix hasn't let me down at all during the three years I have played airsoft (not much I know, big whup) and I do play a lot. No jams, No fracturing in my gun, feed great. I am using Elite Force BBs more often but having a couple bags of Matrix (especially the "night shade" BBs) never hurts. I recommend these to anyone, especially these BBs.