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Model: RAG-WE-086

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by Lucas C. on 2015-09-02 04:02:50
"This recoil buffer is awesome. Not only does it increase the recoil, it also helps the overall mechanical cycling of the gun. Once me and my 2 friends installed this in our guns they've never jammed. On many forums people have born witness to the same result with their guns after installing this.

- Increases recoil.
- Helps gun cycling.
- Fits both WE AK74 PMC and WE AK 74UN!

- None

- Needs to be super glued to stay in place, the gun is so violent it shakes it loose otherwise.
- The front part benefits of being filed and polished to a perfectly round ball shape for better forward performance - easily done, just use a fine metal file and finish off with emery cloth.
- Make sure you lube the Recoil Buffers inside properly before inserting the carrier spring, for smooth preformance. Its a gas gun, all moving parts needs to be lubed proper.

This recoil buffer is well worth the money. Buy it while its still in stock.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)